Origin of human consciousness

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Human consciousness is the king of problems vexing evolutionists (the origin of sex has been referred to as the queen of problems for evolutionists).[1][2]

The best explanation for the origin of human consciousness is that it is of divine origin that evolutionary attempts to explain it are wholly insufficient.[3]

Creationist articles on the origin of consciousness

Recent public polls on the origin of human consciousness

Tyler O'Neil's article entitled New Poll: Atheists in Britain, Canada Are Losing Faith in Evolution declares:

One in five British atheists (19 percent) and more than one in three Canadian atheists (38 percent) agreed with the statement, "Evolutionary processes cannot explain the existence of human consciousness."...

The Newman University/YouGov survey also studied the opinions of religious people. Over half of the self-described religious or spiritual people in both countries (54 percent in Britain and 55 percent in Canada) agreed that evolution cannot explain human consciousness, while 37 percent of British believers and 45 percent of Canadian believers said evolution cannot explain the origins of human beings.[4]

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