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Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes, Patrick Levon Mahomes II, is an National Football League (NFL) quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Playing under head coach Andy Reid for all of his pro career has allowed Patrick to develop an ability to understand and improvise in the middle of game-deciding plays. [1]

His throwing style -- consisting often of no-look passes thrown from a sideways arm angle -- is the result of (an era of sport diversity) playing three sports while in high school: his no-look passing from being a point guard in basketball, and his sideways angle from being a baseman in baseball.[2][3]

Patrick has been a very vocal believer in Jesus Christ, referencing Jesus in many interviews and tweets his rookie season (though he was cohabiting with his then-girlfriend, Brittney Mathews, whom he dated since high school). He has a level head and is well known for his ability to judge the entire field. [4] His fans are some of the most dedicated of any team in the NFL. [5] [6]

He is a oddity among NFL Quarterbacks being one of the only whom has been pro-police in the past. [7] [8]

As of February 20th, 2021; Brittney Mahomes (then Mathews) gave birth to the couple's first child, a baby girl named Sterling Skye Mahomes. [9] The couple and their daughter have captured the attention and love of the paparazzo community. [10] [11]

2018 Season

In his first year as a starter, Patrick had an explosive year. In week eleven, their opponent the Los Angeles Rams showed up to deliver possibly the best game in Monday Night Football, seen here.

In 2018, Patrick Mahomes broke a multitude of previous Kansas City records. See below:

2018 Season Patrick Mahomes Previous Record
Passing Yards 5,097 Yards 4,591, Trent Green
Passer Rating 113.8 104.7, Alex Smith
Passes Completed 383 369, Green
20+ Yard Passes 75 59, Green
Touchdown Passes 6 6, Dawson vs. Denver, 1964

2019 Season

In the 2019 season, Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs Crew won Super Bowl LIV. Which is celebrated as the biggest "Return to the Crown" moment in sports team history, as the team had experienced fifty seasons exactly without winning the title.

2020 Season

Because of the commotion around Covid-19 being so dense, many speculated that Football was gone for the foreseeable future. Mahomes and crew reached the Super Bowl for a second season. Although being that the entire Offensive line was in shambles, leaving the second and third string to be the brunt, there turned out to more pressure on Patrick than any other NFL Quarterback in history. [12] In 56 drop-backs (where the quarterback 'drops-back' to create room for the offensive line), he was pressured more than 52% of each (29 pressured drop-backs). [13] The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also had a rather interesting discussion surrounding their being in the Super Bowl. They became the first Super Bowl-era team to host the championship, making debate for deciding what the location is determined by the biggest topic in publication. [14] With no other answer for the 2020-2021 Super Bowl being as catastrophic as it could have ever been head coach, Andy Reid, has vowed to give Mahomes extra protection from opposing defenses. It is implied in the article adjoined. [15]

2021 Season

During the first five games of the season for the Chiefs, there was a 'disturbance in the force', they were 2 - 3 with losses to some of the best teams in the NFL. [16] Starting during week 15 they are the top seed in the AFC West at 11 - 5, being second overall in the AFC and second in the NFL.[17] Patrick then sat as one of the top three quarterbacks in the NFL after week 16, being only third to Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. During the 2021 post-season, Patrick was given the #1 rank as Quarterback. The Chiefs won their Wild Card game against Pittsburg and the AFC Divisional game against Buffalo. They eventually lost their AFC Championship appearance to Cincinnati in overtime.

2022 Season

The Chiefs find themselves in Week 12 of their 2022 season with a record of 9-2, placing first in the AFC West. Scoring an average of 29.6 points per game, earning an average of 430 yards per game, and have earned a combined 518 penalty yards. Patrick Mahomes is the current passing leader at 3585 yards, 8.1 yards per attempt, and 29 Touchdowns. Travis Kelce is 7th in receiving yards with 912, and 12 Touchdowns and 422 YAC (Yards after Catch). Juju Smith-Schuster is next in line at 37th in receiving yards at 653, with 327 YAC and 2 Touchdowns.


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  3. Mahomes -- the son of a journeyman major league pitcher -- was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 37th round after finishing high school; he declined to sign in lieu of playing quarterback at Texas Tech University.