Prominent atheists whose wives believe in the existence of God

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Below is a list of prominent atheist who have wives that believe in the existence of God:

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PZ Myers and his wife's worldview

Although the atheist PZ Myers has indicated that his daughter Skatje Myers is an atheist, Myers is silent on whether or not his wife believes in the existence of God.[3]

Recent studies concerning atheism and women

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Surveys by country

In November 2010, Discover Magazine published survey results published by the World Values Survey which showed significant differences between the percentage of men and women who are atheists for various countries.[4] Around the world, women tend to be more religious.

United States surveys

A 2008 study by Trinity College found that women are significantly more religious than men in America.[5] In 2007, the Pew Research Center found that American women were more religious than American men.[6]

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