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Reiteration is a literary and rhetorical device of repetition, often used in methods of pedagogy, in jurisprudence, law and politics, and in "preachology", for emphasis and for effect; to reiterate is merely to repeat. It is a tool which can be used to good or bad effect.

The word is from re- again + iterate, Latin iteratus, past participle of iterare to repeat—to reiterate is literally to repeat again and again, over and over, repeatedly.

Christian apologists, preachers, and missionaries, primarily task themselves with a mission to reiterate the truths of God's revelation of Himself in the work of salvation by the incarnation, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ, and in demonstrations of the truth, accuracy and integrity of the Bible, and validity of Christian worship. See Witnessing and Evangelism.

Reiteration improperly used is tedious and tendentious, often having the opposite of the intended effect of clarification and persuasion by wearying the audience; for example, in exhaustive repetition of advertising, and, in particular, political campaign ads to the point of antipathy and disgust. See Harassment.

Reiteration is a common element in propaganda, especially in claims made against Christian doctrine and worship. See Fallacy of assertion and Brainwashing. Compare Fallacy of invincible ignorance and Confirmation bias.

Reiteration of threats of harm and assertions of power over others without any available recourse to possible aid and rescue combined with repeated demonstration of the apparent futility of resistance is common to bullies, oppressors and terrorists as part of their method of manipulation, coercion, and control of their victims. Compare Vexatious litigation, Discrimination, Enmity and Persecution. See Despair and Hope.