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The Remington Model 700 rifle series are bolt-action centerfire ammunition, internal-magazine fed rifle that is known for its excellent accuracy "out of the box".[1] These venerable rifles have been produced since 1962 by Remington Arms Corporation.[2]


The Remington 700 is used as the platform for the United States Armed Forces's M24 Sniper Weapon System and M40 sniper rifles.

The Model 700 is available with 3, 4 or 5-round (firearms) round internal magazine depending on caliber. The Model 700 is also orderable with a detachable box magazine for faster reloading during battle or long range self-defense.


The Model 700 is available in three different actions based on cartridge length: Short, Standard and Long.

Spare Parts

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Appeal for Preppers, Hunters and Snipers

The Remington 700 has a particular appeal to preppers, survivalists, hunters, snipers and other gun enthusiasts for several reasons. First, the rifle's out-of-the-box accuracy is renowned making it an excellent target shooting and sniper rifle even before any accurizing is done. Secondly, the rifle has a very long history of reliability in battle since the Vietnam War and among North American game hunters since 1962. Finally, the rifle's popularity among civilians, the American military and law enforcement including SWAT makes the Model 700 very common and easy to acquire, customize and accessorize.


Common bolt-action alternatives to the Remington Model 700 are the Savage Model 110, Ruger American Rifle Ruger M77, Ruger Gunsite Scout, Steyr Scout (scout rifle), Barrett M99 .50 BMG, M24 Sniper Weapon System and M40 rifle (sniper rifle), Mosin-Nagant, Winchester Model 70, Mauser, Mauser M 98, M1903 Springfield, Lee-Enfield.

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