Second Bill of Rights

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The Second Bill of Rights was a proposal made by Progressive President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the State of the Union Address of 1944.[1] The Second Bill of Rights is sometimes referred to an Economic Bill of Rights.[2]


According to the Heritage Foundation,[3] the Second Bill of Rights represents "a broad vision of the role of government in making lives more secure through expanded government programs". Each proposal is tailored to appeal to different segments of the nation in different ways and produce different beneficiaries, but the actual beneficiary is Big Government.


The Second Bill of Rights is aimed at eight general items:

  • The Right to a Job
  • The Right to food, clothing, and leisure
  • The Right to "Fair Income"
  • "Freedom" from "Unfair Competition"
  • The Right to a Decent Home
  • The Right to Medical Care
  • The Right to Old Age Pension coverage
  • The Right to Good Education

All of these items, when explored, guarantee unprecedented powers to the Federal Government.

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