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Shallum (Hebrew שלום בן יבש, retribution) (r. 772 BC according to Ussher,[1] or 752 BC according to Thiele[2]) was the fifteenth king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.[3] He held that position for one month only. The only king that had a shorter reign was Zimri.


Shallum, the son of Jabesh, conspired against his king, Zachariah, and killed him in front of the people.[4] Zachariah had been on the throne for six months; Shallum would hold that throne for an even shorter time.[3]


A general named Menahem marched to Samaria from Tirzah and killed Shallum, along with many other people.[3][4] This happened in the thirty-ninth year of the reign of Uzziah of the Southern Kingdom,[3] as Ussher[1] attests and which Thiele[2] does not dispute.


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