Slogans and the Homosexual Agenda

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Slick slogans like "marriage equality" are used to promote the homosexual agenda, just as "pro-choice" was used to promote abortion. But eventually truth wins out, and it is inevitable that stronger slogans will develop against the homosexual agenda than in favor of it.

Here are some slogans along with an analysis of the effectiveness. Please add to the list.

Slogan Comments
pro-Bible makes for a good bumper sticker; perhaps half of people will understand its meaning against the homosexual agenda
pro-hetero less familiar to the public, but it conveys a strong message
marriage = one man, one woman good, but perhaps not strong enough
stop homofascism strong and to the point
Gaystapo new word gaining widespread usage; showcases the authoritarian nature of the gay rights movement
gay mafia Bill Maher observed, "I think there is a gay mafia."[1]
free speech for Christians could be shortened for a bumper sticker by replacing "Christians" with the Cross
civil rights for Christians
sodomites Long associated with biblical homosexuality, could make a strong comeback in modern lexicon
gay corruption a type of corruption whereby the end of promoting homosexuality, or covering up misconduct by homosexual activists, justifies any deceitful or unfair means in advancing that goal