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"he will die in jail"

The original says "he", not Trump. Based on what is known, the "he" could be a reference to Jared Kushner, or even possibly someone else. RobSDeep Six the Deep State! 11:29, 8 June 2017 (EDT)

Very interesting article

This is a very interesting article about the deep state from Sebastian Gorka's perspective: [1] Unsettling examples of the deep state undermining Trump's agenda. Please use it for this article in any way possible. --1990'sguy (talk) 23:45, 18 September 2017 (EDT)

That is interesting! It offers a good, citable perspective on what's happening. Thanks! --David B (TALK) 00:07, 19 September 2017 (EDT)


  • Evelyn Farkas, the deputy assistant secretary of defense under Obama, admitted that the Obama Administration attempted to gather as much intelligence as possible on Trump's alleged ties to Russia after the 2016 election and that it tried to hide their intelligence sources.

How this worked: information from the Steele dossier between August and December 2016 was routinely inserted into the President's Daily Briefing, which Obama routinely distributed to an unprecedented number of cabinet secretaries, agency heads, and undersecretaries, one of which was Farkas. The purpose was that it would be leaked to members of Congress and the press. The information had the imprimatur of the President's Daily Briefing and the US intelligence community, and not paid opposition research from the DNC, Hillary, and unvetted foreign sources outside US intelligence sharing agreements. RobSDeep Six the Deep State! 11:47, 23 June 2018 (EDT)


This article, published 9 days before Trump took office, is a good synopsis of the situation President Trump faced then; it's worth reviewing just to sea where we were then, and where we are now. RobSDeep Six the Deep State! 00:53, 14 August 2019 (EDT)


We should have a section with names of several prominent journalists known to plant fake news stories on behalf of the deep State. Among them would be:

This would help out with the Fake news article, too. RobSDe Plorabus Unum 13:49, 23 September 2019 (EDT)

Bannon's comments

The media is harping about how Steve Bannon supposedly attacked the concept of the deep state, but if you actually read what he said, he doesn't disagree with it, but only with the claim that it's a secret conspiracy -- much of it can actually be seen in plain daylight, as he states: [2] --1990'sguy (talk) 21:56, 5 October 2019 (EDT)