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Mao's immediate successor was Hua Guofeng, and not Deng. Deng had not been fully-rehabilitated from the Cultural Revolution purges in 1975. RobSFree Kyle! 15:12, October 25, 2021 (EDT)

Deng was rehabilitated in 1974. He delivered Zhou Enlai's eulogy in January 1976, apparently the party's rising star. He was purged again in February and Hua Guofeng became premier. Hua was an unknown. His claim to fame, such as it was, was that he supervised the Mao museum in Shaoshan. It was a credential that allowed him to avoid being purged in the Cultural Revolution. Mao knew the Hua government couldn't last. He didn't care happened after he died. He was just trying to keep the peace between the Deng and Jiang Qing factions for a few months. Mao died in October 1976. Deng displaced Hua as top leader in December 1978. PeterKa (talk) 09:39, October 26, 2021 (EDT)
Yes, although he seems to be a minor character in the greater scheme of things, he did hold the position of Paramount Leader for two years. Paramount Leader is somewhat of a curious position. It appears to be top of the pyramid, combining General Secretary, Chair of the Military Commission, and head of the State Council. Deng however, is recognized as a Paramount Leader without holding all three positions, meaning even the position of General Secretary (held by Hua during his tenure) is a flunky position.
Xi Jinping for example, could be voted out as General Secretary (and with term limits removed, even remain President of the State Council) and still be Paramount Leader.
It's for this reason I'm trying to avoid creating the impression there was a seemless transition from Mao to Deng. The Paramount Leader position is indeed curious, because despite what Wikipedia says, apparently the position does not always exist. It's only used from time to time when there are internal divisions and conflicts, and one or more other persons hold one or more of the three key offices by way of compromise. RobSFree Kyle! 11:44, October 26, 2021 (EDT)