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Hallo I would like to suggest creating a page about this case and this campaign on Conservapedia. I need guidance in editing and formatting it correctly, also in uploading a suitable picture. Thank you. -GraceDalrymple

Okay, I've done a little bit here:
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We still need the image, and some categories. Do you have a link to the image you want? As for categories, I'm having a hard time finding a match. Would something like Category:Corruption be appropriate as one of them? Is there anything else you think needs to be done? Thanks for this! --David B (TALK) 09:23, 19 September 2017 (EDT)
Hallo again. There is a suitable picture on the internet at
Is that okay? GraceDalrymple (talk)
Regarding categories, maybe something neutral like "campaigns" would be good. Or "mysterious deaths" GraceDalrymple (talk)

Either of those categories seem fine to me, although neither one currently exists. That's okay, we could create one if needed. The image looks nice, but we need something which we can legally use. It will probably need to be in the Public Domain or licensed under a Creative Commons license. Images with those license can be found in places like Flickr or WikiMedia. The problem is, that I couldn't find any good images in either of these locations. Chances are, doesn't permit image reuse, but if we could find their terms of use, we could also make sure. --David B (TALK) 19:22, 25 September 2017 (EDT)

Robert Fleeting (March 28, 1987 - September 4, 2011) was a 24 year old Firefighter serving with the British Royal Air Force at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire.[1][2]

On Sunday 4th September 2011, Robert was found hanging from the door of his room in Campbell Block RAF Benson, dead. A verdict of suicide was given, and only after the funeral and cremation were details of the post mortem revealed to the family. This post mortem revealed injury to Robert's rectum, and other signs of injury such as scratches. There were many odd and suspicious circumstances including the fact that Robert's mobile phone was found in the possession of a male officer known to be homosexual. It was by then too late to test the body for drugs, as cremation had been carried out. The family and friends of the deceased have never believed it was a case of suicide and have gone on ever since campaigning for a full, honest and fair inquiry.[2][1]

Robert was engaged to be married and at the time of his death had just given his fiancée a substantial amount of money to buy her wedding dress.[2]

The Facebook page started by his family to campaign on his behalf is called JUSTICE FOR ROBERT and currently has 20,981 members[1]