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Concerning adolescent AIDS and medical community negligence, one only has to see the almost 38,500 cases of AIDS that have been reported in adolescents and young adults 13–24 years old in the United States of America as of December 31, 2003 to see a glimpse of the effects of the medical community negligence. In 2000, the medical journal AIDS (London, England) made the following embarrassing admission in respect to a 1998 review of the medical literature by medical researchers Mansergh and Marks:

In their review of age and HIV risk behavior among gay men, Mansergh and Marks concluded that younger age was fairly consistently found to be associated with unprotected anal sex in North American studies, while only limited evidence was found for the association in European and Australian samples. Reasons for this are unclear. In order to assess more accurately the HIV risk for young gay men, it would be helpful to examine the degree of sexual 'mixing' across age groups and HIV status more closely. Although some studies have included assessments of perceived or known HIV status of young men's sexual partners, none of the studies reported the age ranges of the young men's sexual partners.(emphasis added)[1]
Illustration of HIV reproduction

In 1995, without giving specific age ranges of homosexual adolescents' sexual partners, medical researchers stated the following regarding youths seeking help at the only homosexual identified agency New York City: "...many homosexual male adolescents have sexual relationships with homosexual men, the group with the highest prevalence for AIDS."[2]

Given that the adolescent HIV infection was seen as a problem in the late 1980s, the failure of medical researchers to publish material in the past regarding the age ranges of the individuals infecting adolescents is inexcusable. The pro-homosexaulity publication The Advocate stated the following regarding adolescent HIV infection on March 24, 1992 in an article entitled America's Worst Kept Secret - AIDS is devastating the Nation's Teenager and Gay Kids are Dying by the Thousands:

And while adolescents currently represent only 2% of the AIDS cases reported by the CDC, for the past six years the number of adolescent case of AIDS has doubled every 14 months, which is, according to epidemiologists, the same rate of expansion seen in the gay male population in the first few years of the epidemic.

"Teenagers are the next wave of the epidemic," warns Dr. Karen Hein, associate professor of pediatrics, epidemiology, and social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City....

The CDC stated in November that in Los Angeles and Miami, adolescent AIDS cases represent about 20% of all reported cases in those cities and that in Newark,N.J adolescents represent almost 35% of all AIDS cases. The infection rates among adolescents are similarly high in San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia.[3]

In 1987, in an article entitled Male Homosexuality: An Adolescents Perspective the medical journal Pediatrics made the following admission regarding the poverty of medical study regarding adolescents and homosexuality:

The controversies surrounding adolescent homosexuality may, in part, be attributed to the lack of investigations directly involving homosexual youths. A recent review of the literature concluded that current knowledge is based on opinions, clinical anecdotes, and studies of gay adults, recalling their adolescence. To our knowledge, there has been only one previous attempt to understand homosexuality from an adolescent's perspective.[4]

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