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This Week is a two-hour Sunday morning television news program aired on the ABC network. The program, which first aired in 1981, has been moderated by liberal political commentator George Stephanopoulos since September 2002.


In 1981, after he had served as anchor of NBC Nightly News, ABC asked pioneer reporter David Brinkley to join their network as anchor for their new program, This Week. Brinkley accepted the job and asked conservative, George Will, to join him on his new program, This Week with David Brinkley. To counterweight the conservative Will, ABC hired liberal reporter Sam Donaldson to join the program also.

After Brinkley's retirement in 1996, Sam Donaldson and ABC correspondent Cookie Roberts shared the positions as co-moderator. Following the Columbia shuttle tragedy in 2002, George Stephanopoulos took over as the show's anchor.


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