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George Robert Stephanopoulos (born 1961) is a far-left American broadcaster and former White House Communications Director involved in numerous liberal smear campaigns against victims of sexual assault.[1] He served as a media adviser to Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential race and later as press secretary and communications director in the Clinton Administration.

After leaving the Clinton White House, Stephanopouslos was hired by ABC News as Chief Washington Correspondent and moderator of ABC's Sunday morning news show, This Week between 2002 and January 2010. He became co-host on ABC's Good Morning America broadcast in December 2009.

Prior to his work with Clinton, he served as Executive Floor Manager to then Democratic House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt.

White House years

FBI special agent Gary Aldrich reported and Stephanopoulos confirmed, after the 1994 Republican takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives led by Newt Gingrich, the Clinton White House ran a dirt-digging operation out of the Office of the White House Chief of Staff. "They hired upwards of 36 lawyers to staff the operation to handle 40 different cases," Aldrich, who worked at the White House at the time, said. "Once it became known that they had such an operation, then the blackmail itself took place." Stephanopoulos publicly stated there would be a "scorched-earth policy" and everyone with "skeletons in their closet" would be exposed.[2][3] CNN reported private divorce papers of Newt Gingrich were indeed removed from what was alleged sealed storage at the Carroll County, Georgia courthouse, "when he (Gingrich) became the center of attention" in 1994. The documents later were made public by CNN.[4]

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  1. In Stephanopoulos' own words, "it allowed me to participate in a wide range of White House decisions: from preparing a budget to writing presidential jokes, from helping to choose a Supreme Court nominee to smothering another "bimbo eruption,"

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