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Trijicon (pronounced Trîj-î-(kòn)) is the leading maker of tritium-lit sights and rifle scopes. They are an American firm based in Wixom, Michigan. They produce and distribute different types of optical sighting devices for rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Their specialization is in "self-luminous" optics and night sight. These use the slightly radioactive isotope tritium combined with light-gathering fiber optics, and in certain products a battery.

Military Contractor

Trijicon is a major U.S. military contractor supplying the RX01 reflex sights and the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) sights. They supply their Night Sights, Reflex, ACOG, AccuPoint and TriPower products not only the military, but also to law enforcement and civilian markets.[1]

Trijicon Supports the Bible

ABC News reported that Trijicon had been placing Bible verses numbers on the side of the ACOG sights sold to the United States Armed Forces.[2] After atheist activist organizations heard about the practice, they attacked Trijicon in the court of public opinion and via legal challenges to the company that forced Trijicon to stop the practice and provide clients with free kits to remove the Bible verse numbers from their existing scopes.[3]

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