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The United States has the third highest population in the world, and it is estimated to have a population of more than a third of a billion. It is a very diverse country with people from virtually all races and religions.

The major religions in the United States are Christianity 70.6% (Evangelical) Protestant 25.4%, Mainline Protestant 14.7%,Historically Black Protestant 6.5%, Catholic 20.8%, Mormon 1.6%,Orthodox Christian 0.5%, Jehovah's Witnesses 0.8%, other Christian 0.4%). Non-Christian Faiths:Judaism 1.9%, Muslim 0.9%. Buddhist 0.7%, Hindu 0.7%,other 1.8% . Unaffiliated 22.8%, atheist 3.1%, agnostic 4.0%, 'nothing in particular' 15.8%, 'don't know' 0.8%.[1]

The major racial groups in the United States are: Whites 78%, African Americans 12%, Mestizos (people of mixed Spanish and Indian descent) 6%, Asians just under 4% and Native Americans less than 1%. Approximately 15% of Americans are Latinos, although they may be of any race.[2]

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