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Gender sensitization

The new category of "questioning youth"

Children and youth have long been the target of radical homosexual activists.[1] The teenage years is a time of a great deal of sexual confusion as bodies change and hormones rage. Many early adolescents go through this state of confusion regarding gender attraction and attachment. Almost all of them emerge as healthy adults void of sexual disorientation. The phrase "questioning students" specifically targets these sexually confused early teens, who, with the assistance of public funding, will be encouraged to pursue homosexual behavior. The whole reason for existence of organizations like GLSEN is to recruit sexually confused teens into "LGBT+" lifestyle. As part of their campaign, they try to focus on so called "questioning" and "transgender youth." The organizers of these groups see children as their property. They believe they are justified in changing the thoughts and habits of kids by forcing them to deal with complex social, sexual, and moral issues that, in most cases, are beyond their grasp. The objective, outlined also in homosexual activists' manifesto called After the Ball, is to make children sympathize with homosexual agenda and to become defenders of "homosexual rights." By inventing a new category of "questioning" youth, the goal is to take advantage of children who, at such a young age, do not have yet fully developed critical thinking skills and aren't certain what they feel about sexuality or their own sexual identity. Thus, kids are ushered into the lifestyle, believing that experimenting with homosexuality is just another way of discovering who you really are.[2][3]


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