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This user is proud to be an American citizen.
Christflag.jpeg This user does not believe in so called Tolerance when it compromises Truth.
This user runs a Apple-based system.
Donald Trump (29273256122) Phoenix.jpg
This user supports President Donald Trump.
Cjjfdjfty.png This user supports the Republican party.
Democratic voter suppression.jpg
This user knows that the Democrat Party is, and has always been, the party of slavery, the KKK, corruption, criminality, lies, deceit, oppression, segregation, Jim Crow, racism, anti-Americanism, violence and hate.
This user does not support Barack Obama.
Joe Biden.jpg
This user knows that Biden is guilty of quid pro joe.
Hillary Clinton.jpg
This user does not support Hillary Clinton.
2019-05-30 17-27-08.jpgRashida Tlaib.jpg
This user does not support the Squad.
Ayanna Pressley.jpgLhan Omar.jpg
CNN This user does not support the liberal media or its lies, bias and fake news.
This user believes in the right for every American citizen to keep and bear arms... as outlined by the Second Amendment.
UserCross.jpg This user is a Protestant.
racism This user is biased against racists.
Sperm-egg.jpg This user believes life begins at conception.
Anti-hitler.png This user opposes gun control and other (liberal) policies Hitler supported such as eugenics, environmentalism, and "animal rights".
This user supports Israel.
This user is a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan and a follower of the NFL and its history

The worst thing we can do is to do nothing. "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Donald Trump

  • Advocates for Americanism.
  • Knowledgeable of American history as defined by Americanism, Patriotism, and American civics.
  • Knowledgeable of American government.
  • A Christian.
  • A true leader who keeps his promises.

Articles to Create

  • MeWe
  • Parler
  • FrankSpeech - A social network platform currently being created by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell
  • Unknown social network platform that is currently being developed by Donald Trump
  • List of Marxist-sympathizing companies

Articles to Improve