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Greetings from Campeche, Mexico.

My daughter, Yumay
Campeche City, my city

I have been working on Conservapedia since 14 April 2007. Main duty: Painting curator.

As of Dic 7, 2014, more than 23,500 + 18,898 + 3,021 contributions.

This user is a Conservapedia Administrator.

Hobbies and Interests: Walking, horseback riding, music, researching and writing historical issues.

Academic Areas of Interest: Painting, History, Literature and Biographies.

Some of my books at the Library of Congress Author: Martinez Rosado.

Joaquín Martínez is hereby awarded the prestigious & coveted Banhammer barnstar for tireless vigilence against fascists, vandals & trolls!
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Some Articles to which I have made significant contributions:

First articles

Some more

Some popular articles:

Winning contest: Team2:Record1

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Martinez, Los hombres del maiz, 2012.