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Short New Entries

Aerial photograph; Artificial and modified surfaces; Barren; Barren land; Beach; Census water; Climatic factor; Close-grown crops; Conservation practice; Conservation Reserve Program; Conservation Reserve Program land; Cover and management factor; Cowardin system; Cropland; Cropping history; Deepwater habitat; Developed land; Earthworm Erodibility index; Erosion (USDA); Estuarine Wetland; Farmsteads and ranch headquarters; Field; Forest land; Frontal lobe General cover; Growing season; Habitat composition; Habitat configuration; Habitat patch; Hayland; Herbaceous; Horticultural cropland; Irrigated land; Julian calendar Lacustrine System; Lake (land type); Land capability classification; Land cover/use; Large streams; Large urban and built-up areas; Large water bodies; Marine System; Marshland; Mayor; Midbrain; Mines, quarries, and pits; Minor land cover/uses; Mud flat; Occipital lobe; Open canopy short woody plants; Open canopy tall woody plants; Other aquatic habitats; Other rural land; Ownership; Palustrine Wetland; Pastureland; Perennial stream; Personal Digital Assistant ; Photographic interpretation; Practice factor; Primary sample unit; Prime farmland; Railroads; Rainfall and runoff; Rangeland; Remote sensing; Reservoir (land type); Ridge roughness; Riverine System; Riverwash; Row crops; Rural transportation land; Saline deposits; Salt flats; Sample point; Sand dunes; Sheet and rill erosion; Short woody plants; Silviculture; Slope (land type); Slope length; Slope-length factor; Slope-steepness factor ; Small built-up areas; Small streams; Small water bodies; Soil erodibility factor; Soil erodibility index; Soil loss tolerance factor ; Soil survey; Stream (land type); Tall woody plants; Template:USDA Terms; Universal soil loss equation; Unsheltered distance; Uplands (land type); Urban and built-up areas; Vegetative cover; Water (land type); Water areas; Water body; Water spreading; Wetland losses; Wind erodibility group; Wind erosion equation; Absorbent Packing; Accredited Laboratory Program (ALP); Adulterated Food; Advanced Meat Recovery (AMR); Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS); Agricultural Research Service (ARS); Animal (Veterinary) Drugs; Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS); Animal Disposition Reporting System (ADRS); Animal Food Manufacturer; Animal Food; Animal Identification and Traceback; ANPR; Antemortem Inspection; Antibiotic Resistance Action Plan; Antimicrobial Resistance; Antioxidant; Artificial Coloring; Artificial Flavoring; Aseptic Packaging; Automated Import Information System (AIIS); Baste; Basted or Self Basted; Beef Patties; Beef Suet; Biosecurity; Biotechnology; Botulism; Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE); Brine Curing; Brine; Broiler or Fryer; Campylobacter; Campylobacteriosis; Can; Capacolla; Capon; Captive Bolt; Carcass; Casing; Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition; Center for Veterinary Medicine; Certified; Chemical Preservative; Chevon; Chronic Wasting Disease; Chub; Clostridium botulinum; Cock or Rooster; Codex Alimentarius Commission; Complex, Soil; Consumer Safety Officer; Continuous Inspection; Contour Stripcropping; Controlled Atmosphere Packaging; Corned Beef; Cornish Fryer, Roaster, or Hen; Cornish Game Hen; Cottage Ham; Country Ham; Country-of-origin Labeling; Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease; Critical Control Point; Cross-contamination; Cure; Curing; Custom Exempt; Cutting Up; Dead Livestock; Delaney Clause; Deli or Delicatessen Style; Diglycerides, Monoglycerides; Dioxins; Disposition; Downer (or downed animals); Drainage Class; Dry Aged; Dry Curing; E. coli; Economic Research Service; Edible; Egg Products Inspection Act; Egg Products; Eluviation; Emulsifier; Epidemiology; Equivalence; Establishment or Official Establishment;

194 entries x 4 points = 776 points

Ordinary new entires

Schizophrenia Exotic Newcastle Disease; Experimental Animal; Fabricated Steak; Farm Bill; Farm-to-Table Continuum; Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938; Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906; Fight Bac!® Campaign ; Flash Pasteurization; Food Additive; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Food and Nutrition Service; Food Biosecurity Action Team; Food Code; Food Isolate; Food Safety and Inspection Service; Food Security; Food Thermometer; Foodborne Illnesses; Foodborne Outbreak; Foodborne Pathogens; FoodNet; Foot and Mouth disease; Foreign Agricultural Service; Frankfurters; Free Range or Free Roaming; Fresh Ham; Fresh Poultry; Fryer-Roaster Turkey; Fully Cooked; Further Processing; Gelatin; Giblets; Gizzard; Grade, Grading; Ground Beef; Halal; Ham Steak; Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points; Hazard; Headcheese; Hickory-Smoked Ham; HIMP or HACCP-Based Inspection Models Project; Honey-Cured; Humane Methods of Slaughter Act; Humectant; Hydrologic Cycle; Hydrolyzed (Source) Protein; Incidental Additives; Inedible; Inhumane Slaughter; Inspector in Charge; Internal Temperature; Irradiation; ISO Accreditation; Jerky; Label; Leaching; Listeria; llluviation; Log Reduction; Mad Cow disease; Marinade; Marinate; Market Withdrawal; Meat Base; Meat Broker; Meat Byproduct; Mechanically Separated Poultry; 80 edits x 6 points = 480 points

Minor Edits

Wetlands (land type); Wind erosion;

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Ordinary new entries + removal from Most Wanted list

Earthworm Julian Calenda Mayor Frontal Lobe Occipital Lobe Midbrain

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