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Western Australia is the largest state in the Commonwealth of Australia comprising a land area of about 2,529,880 square kilometers (making it the second-largest country subdivision in the world), and is home to just under 10% of Australia's population.[1] The capital city is Perth.

Main cities of Western Australia[2]

Situated in the south-east coast of Australia on the Indian Ocean lies Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Founded as a colony on the Swan River in 1829 by Captain James Stirling, Perth is now a rapidly-growing city housing over 75% of all WA's population. Prior to European settlement, the area had been inhabited by the local Aboriginal Noongar people for over 40,000 years.

Once a busy port, the town of Rockingham is approximately 50 kilometers south of Perth and supported by a diverse range of industries including defense, construction, fishing and retail.

Mandurah, just under an hour's drive south from Perth, grew into a city from smaller holiday communities. Located right on the coast of the Indian Ocean it is a popular tourist destination still, as well as being a growing commuter town for those working in Perth.

Bunbury is located 175 kilometers south of Perth in south-west Western Australia, and is the fourth largest city in the state. Originally a military outpost, Bunbury was declared a city in 1979.

Surrounded by desert, Kalgoorlie in southern Western Australia is a mining town approximately 600 kilometers east of Perth, the state capital. Kalgoorlie was born as a settlement for gold mining in 1893 after prospectors found gold in the area, and to this day mining remains the largest industry in the area.

Geraldton is located on the west coast of Western Australia, slightly over 400 kilometers north of the state capital Perth.

Albany, over 400 kilometers south of Perth was founded in 1826, making it the oldest continuous settlement in Western Australia. It was named in 1832 after Prince Frederick, the Duke of Albany.


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