Writing Homework Nine

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Ninth Homework
Instructor, Andy Schlafly

We may have seen our first perfect paper this past week. We will decide in class, as the only possible error is this sentence: "This is the central weakness of pure reason: it can be effective only to those who will accept it." Is "effective ... to those" in error?

Write a flawless, well-structured essay of at least 1200 words on one or more of the following topics:

1. The homeschool baseball team should be boys-only.

2. "Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May," is the Masterpiece of the Week on Conservapedia and the subject of your essay, should you select it.

3. Was John the Apostle a child? Alternatively, or in combination, is this topic: "An example of successful homeschooling is John the Apostle, the author of the Gospel of John."

4. I am going to attend a conservative college, and/or will choose a major that prepares me for a successful career.

5. A way to reduce the public school problem is to shorten the week to 4.5 or 4 days, and allow parental control over the freed-up time.

6. Star football player Michael Vick is currently in federal prison, serving a 23-month sentence for dog-fighting. Do you agree with this punishment and use of federal resources?

7. My favorite subject (e.g., English, Math, Science) is ________, and here is why.

8. The cigarette industry is required to pay for the medical harm it causes, but the billion-dollar abortion industry does not pay women for the harm that it causes. It should.

9. What I like best about the season of Spring is ________, and here is why.

10. Any comparable topic of your own choosing.