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Liberalism is infamously renowned for perpetuating a system of race-based prejudice in societies where it has taken root. For instance, in the socialist and communist former nation of the U.S.S.R., the regime of Joseph Stalin, an avowed Marxist-Leninist and liberal enacted a policy of the deportation of the Soviet Jewish population to the far-eastern regions in Siberia, under a new puppet government, the "Jewish Autonomous Oblast". Those who did not cooperate with these laws and statutes were put on trial under the infamous "Doctor's Plot", the blatant racism of which shattered the communist sympathies of many liberals in the Western World. It is largely as a legacy of these policies which have forever stained the ideology of liberalism as a racist political system.

Despite liberals claiming to be for "equality of all people", a large amount of liberals have indeed exhibited racist qualities. Here are some examples.

  • Liberals frequently attack critics of Barrack Obama, claiming that any criticism of him is somehow racist. By using his ethnicity as a shield to his critics, they make themselves appear racist.
  • Many liberals, such as Rachael Maddow, have attacked trade agreements with the foreign countries of China and India.
  • Historically, the Democratic Party was the party that favored slave owners and racist policies. This is clearly seen in Woodrow Wilson's ideology.
  • Democrats supported racism and segregation and liberals such as George Wallace and Lestor Maddox attacked civil rights protesters with dogs and fire hoses and arrested and jailed Martin Luther King several times
  • Joe Biden said "You can't go to a 711 without having a slight Indian accent"
  • Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton call white republicans "crackers"
  • Bill Maher called Allen West an ape
  • Keith Olberman has an obsession with racial demographics at Tea Party rallies
  • Hillary Clinton was endorsed by Ku Klux Klan grand dragon William Quigg
  • Lyndon Johnson after passing the Civil Rights act of 1964 quoted "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years".
  • Jesse Jackson called New York City his "Hymietown"
  • Liberals attack Republican president Richard Nixon for his so-called Southern strategy in 1968 as a method to attract white Southern voters with racist "code words" (when in fact Nixon supported civil rights throughout his tenure in political office), but ignore the fact that it was Democrats that used Jim Crow to make segregation legal. The ridiculous notion that the parties "switched" on civil rights upon Nixon's election is repeated constantly by liberals to paint the Republican Party as racist, when clearly Democrats have the more racist past.


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