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Symbolic places

Important places

  • Mexico City (Mexico) is the most populated Christian city in the modern world
  • Vatican City (Vatican) is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Nashville (United States) is the headquarters of the two largest denominations in the United States: the Southern Baptist Convention and the United Methodist Church. In addition it is the headquarters of the National Baptist Convention USA (the largest African-American Christian denomination), and the National Association of Free Will Baptists (the largest denomination among the Free Will Baptist groups). It is also a major center for Contemporary Christian Music.
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (United States) -- Dallas and Fort Worth, along with their suburbs, have long been influential in Southern Baptist life, as well as in other denominations:
    • Fort Worth is home to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of six seminaries directly owned and operated by the Southern Baptist Convention. It was also the home of fundamentalist J. Frank Norris; the school he founded (Arlington Baptist University) is located in the suburb of Arlington, Texas
    • Dallas is home to First Baptist Church of Dallas, led for many years by George W. Truett and W.A. Criswell; at one time it was the largest Southern Baptist church in the world. Though no longer among the largest churches, it still maintains considerable influence within the SBC and conservative political circles. It is also home to the Baptist General Convention of Texas (dually aligned with the SBC and the liberal Cooperative Baptist Fellowship), Dallas Baptist University (a BGCT-operated university), and Criswell College (formerly owned by FBC Dallas, now independent but aligned with the conservatives of the SBC)
    • Plano is home to the main campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church, one of the largest SBC congregations and among the largest congregations in the United States.
    • Flower Mound is home to the main campus of The Village Church, a SBC megachurch in the Reformed camp.
    • Grapevine is home to the main campus of Fellowship Church, a seeker-sensitive SBC megachurch, as well as Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, a splinter group from BGCT which is aligned with the conservatives of the SBC.
    • Southlake is home to the main campus of Gateway Church, a charismatic congregation which at nearly 40,000 members is also among the largest Christian congregations.
    • Irving is home to the International Production Center of Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest Christian television network; nearby Bedford is home to Daystar Television Network, the second-largest.

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