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David Silverman

See also: David Silverman's loss of public influence

As can be seen above, in January of 2020, David Silverman, the ex-president of the American Atheists organization, declares he is a former atheist activist via his Twitter account. So much for "firebrand atheism"!

Ding dong, the atheist activist David Silverman is no longer active! Which former atheist activist? David Silverman!

Is Richard Dawkins next?

Aron Ra

Aron Ra: October 2017


Aron Ra is an atheist vlogger. Aron Ra is also a former president of the Atheist Alliance of America, In addition, he is a former Texas state-director of the American Atheists.

In 2017, Aron Ra wrote to some of his fellow atheists: "...since ya'll have effectively killed what was left of the atheist movement" (For details, please see Atheist Aron Ra indicates the atheist movement is dead. Now that that Aron Ra has surrendered....).

Now that that Aron Ra has surrendered....

All to Jesus I surrender. Humbly at His feet I bow...

Martin S. Pribble

"For the last five years I have considered myself an 'activist atheist.' I trolled Facebook and Twitter for theists and told them why they are wrong... But I’m through with it, and I no longer want to be part of the online atheist 'community.'"[1]

PZ Myers likens Richard Carrier's future to a sinking ship. Will another atheist activist bite the dust?

After the atheist Richard Carrier withdrew his defamation lawsuits related to the sexual allegations against him, the atheist PZ Myers likened Carrier's future to a sinking ship.

Specifically, Myers wrote: "That, by the way, is the USS Oriskany being sunk to form an artificial reef for sea life. The sinking of Richard Carrier will not be so useful."[2] See: Richard Carrier's lawsuits

I have 5 words for militant atheists

I have 5 words for militant atheists: Militants atheists, start panicking now.

Atheists admit defeat video

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Numerous atheists have declared that the "atheist movement is dead" or that it is dying (see: Decline of the atheist movement).[3] In 2019, a writer at Freethought Blogs wrote: "Last month I looked at some postmortems of the atheist movement...".[4]

I tango and cha-cha-cha on the grave of the atheist movement! Olé! Olé! Olé! See: Christianity and its margin of victory over atheism
A crack team of atheist special forces heads out on a secret mission to find a single factual error in the Conservapedia atheism article.

As you can see, what separates atheist special forces from regular ideological soldiers is their high morale, speed and their ability to think logically and creatively under mental stress despite their obesity related brain impairment. See: Atheism and obesity

Some lyrics to the former atheist activist song

Glory, glory, hallelujah, when I lay my burdens down. Glory, glory, hallelujah, when I lay my burdens down.

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