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Christian apologists have been unrelenting in their attacks upon atheist ideology post New Atheism and in 2011 an atheist worried that New Atheism may ultimately backfire.[1] Furthermore, global creationism is growing.

The two front war atheists face

Germany began losing WWII soon after the evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler ignited a two front war. As a result of this decision, Germany was ground down simultaneously on two fronts - particularly on the Eastern front where they sustained heavy losses.

Germany began losing WWII soon after the evolutionary racist Adolf Hitler ignited a two front war. As a result of this decision, Germany was ground down simultaneously on two fronts - particularly on the Eastern Front where they sustained heavy losses (The German armed forces incurred 80% of its military fatalities in the Eastern Front).


1. Is atheism facing a two front war? See: Atheism vs. Christianity and Atheism vs. Islam

In 2012, the W. Edwards Deming Institute published a report by the World Future Society which indicated:

In 2100, however, the world will likely be only 9% unaffiliated — more religious than in 2012. The peak of the unaffiliated was in 1970 at around 20%, largely due to the influence of European communism. Since communism’s collapse, religion has been experiencing resurgence that will likely continue beyond 2100. All the world’s religions are poised to have enormous numeric growth (with the exceptions of tribal religions and Chinese folk religion), as well as geographic spread with the continuation of migration trends. Adherents of the world’s religions—perhaps particularly Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists—will continue to settle in the formerly Christian and ever-expanding cities of Europe and North America, causing increases of religious pluralism in these areas. Christians and Muslims together will encompass two-thirds of the global population—more than 7 billion individuals. In 2100, the majority of the world’s 11.6 billion residents will be adherents of religious traditions.[2]

In terms of the Christianity front, there is a general Christian apologetics front (existence of God, resurrection of Jesus, etc.) and a creation apologetics front. In addition, there is the issue of the growth of evangelical Christianity and atheists shrinking in terms of their percentage of the world's population (see: Global atheism statistics).

2. Will Christendom step up its anti-atheism efforts now that there are definite signs they have momentum? See: Decline of global atheism

Recent reports about the teaching of creationism increasing

Slate magazine reported on June 2, 2015, "I published evidence that creationism was being widely taught in Louisiana schools."

On February 24, 2015, the Science Nordic website declared: "Creationism has particularly been on the rise in step with the internet, which according to Peter Kjærgaard has made it much easier for people to become activists..."[3]

Johns Hopkins University Press reported in 2014: "Over the past forty years, creationism has spread swiftly among European Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims, even as anti-creationists sought to smother its flames."[4]

Germantown Now: June 17, 2015: "An estimated 15 schools in the Milwaukee-Racine voucher program were teaching creationism in 2013. A 2013 investigation revealed more than 300 schools nationwide that accept vouchers were teaching creationism."

Education Week, June 4, 2015: School Vouchers for All? Nevada Law Breaks New Ground.[5]

History of the growth of creationism and its effect on Christendom

See: History of the growth of creationism and its effect on Christendom

Growing evidence that atheists are weary and lacking in confidence

The atheist Georgetown professor Jacques Berlinerblau likens the strength of the American atheist movement to a "gimpy little zebra".[6] See: American atheism

There is growing evidence that atheists are battle weary and running scared on the Atheism vs. Christianity front and are bitterly divided:

1. The agnostic professor Eric Kaufmann, Birbeck College, University of London, UK, 2010:

"Worldwide, the march of religion can probably only be reversed by a renewed, self-aware secularism. Today, it appears exhausted and lacking in confidence... Secularism's greatest triumphs owe less to science than to popular social movements like nationalism, socialism and 1960s anarchist-liberalism. Ironically, secularism's demographic deficit means that it will probably only succeed in the twenty-first century if it can create a secular form of 'religious' enthusiasm." [7]

See also: Desecularization

2. The Oxford University Professor Daniel Came wrote to the New Atheist Richard Dawkins:: "The absence of a debate with the foremost apologist for Christian theism is a glaring omission on your CV and is of course apt to be interpreted as cowardice on your part."[8] - The Telegraph, 2011

See also: Atheism and cowardice
A child in Thailand where the nontheistic form of Buddhism called the Theravada school of Buddhism is prevalent. In 2010, the Pew Research Forum indicated that 93.2% of the people of Thailand were Buddhists.[9]

Per capita atheists and agnostics in America give significantly less to charity than theists even when church giving is not counted for theists (See: Atheism and uncharitableness and Atheism and social justice).

3. On September 27, 2014 in a blog post entitled The Atheist Disillusionment, the prominent atheist PZ Myers declared:

"I will make a prediction, right here and now.... The number of people identifying as atheists will stagnate or even shrink, because organized atheism is happily in the process of destroying itself with regressive social attitudes, scandals, and their bizarre focus on irrelevant metaphysical differences that don’t help people...

Unless we change.

I don’t know that we can."[10]

See also: Atheism, social justice and hypocrisy

4. "Did anyone on Dawkins AMA ask how he feels about singlehandedly destroying the atheist movement with the Dear Muslima yet?"[11] - Atheist activist and blogger Jen McCreight post at Twitter on November 26, 2013

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