Essay: Gallery of obese atheists

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Gallery of obese atheists

Roly poly, not so holy

The fit and trim, Christian Chuck Norris to serve as a means of comparison

Trent Toulouse (one of the founders of the website RationalWiki) and his excess weight issue

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Trent Toulouse is one of the founders of the atheist/agnostic/skeptic website RationalWiki.[1] He is also one of the board of trustees of the RationalMedia Foundation.[2]

A picture of an obese Trent Toulouse can be found HERE.

The RationalWiki website has a significant amount of content criticizing alternative medicine.[3] Its alternative medicine article describes alternative medicine thusly: "Alternative medicine is any medical treatment that is not part of conventional evidence-based medicine, such as one would learn in medical school, nursing school or even paramedic training."[4] Evidence-based medicine strongly indicates that obesity poses significant health risks.

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