Essay: Political tremors and the supervolcano of conservatism

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The political essay below was composed on May 15, 2014. It is fair to say that User:Conservative, to a significant degree, saw Trumpism far ahead of the vast majority of political pundits. It was a broader array of political right-wing ideologies that ultimately defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016 and it was not strictly conservatism. But there is evidence that conservative, religion will grow in the world and have an increasing effect on the political process which will be seen shortly.

Given the 2016 Presidential election in which: Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Mike Pence was elected Vice-President of the United States, Republican's won both houses of Congress and most of the political pundits were in shock - the essay was rather prescient. In addition, the 2014 midterm elections saw sweeping gains by the GOP in the Senate, House, and in many gubernatorial, state, and local races.

Political tremors and the supervolcano of conservatism

Do you feel tremors indicating that a supervolcano of conservatism may erupt in 2014? It could be a volcanic eruption index 8 eruption. In fact, a whole series of supervolcano eruptions of political and religious conservatism is on the horizon.


1. There is a lot of political ground deformation under ObamaCare and under Obama's presidency (Obama's approval rating is now at 44%).

2. The Euro is tumbling in value and stock markets across secular Europe are in the red.[1]

3. The Democrats are having a very hard time rallying their young constituents.[2]

4. The upcoming political environment definitely does not look good for Democratic Party in the 2014 midterm elections.[3]

5. And according to the British academic and agnostic Eric Kaufmann, this is only the beginning. The 21st century will see a resurgence of religious conservatism thanks to the higher birth rates of religious conservatives in developed countries (and across the world) and an influx of religious, conservative immigrants into Europe (see: Desecularization and Global Christianity).

The circle is almost complete. Soon liberals will experience the full power of political and religious conservatism! Massive destruction will befall secular, leftist ideology!

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