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Pravy Sektor snipers atop the Music Conservatory building as reported by the BBC.[1]

The Heavenly Hundred is a Western mainstream media propaganda term referring to the Maidan coup massacre of at least 77 citizens in Kyiv in February 2014, carried out by Ukrainian Nazis with the funding, training, and at the behest of American neoconservatives, Russophobes, and the Obama administration which led to the collapse of the democratically elected government of Ukraine and installed a Western-backed globalist and fascist puppet regime. The Maidan massacre of the 'heavenly hundred' is a classic example of a false flag operation for propaganda purposes.

Key neoconservatives, such as Victoria Nuland and Sen. John McCain, began pushing for the violent coup that in February 2014 ousted Ukraine's democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and touched off the new Cold War with Russia. Senior U.S. government officials reportedly told the leaders of the Svoboda party that the deaths of a few protestors would not be enough to change Western support, but the Yanukovych government would only change if the number of victims was greater than one hundred.[2] As in Syria and other "Arab Spring" uprisings, agent provocateurs began shooting and killing people on both sides to provoke a civil insurrection. Almost 100 Soros-backed activists and 17 police officers were killed.[3] George Friedman, chairman of Stratfor, called it "the most blatant coup in history."[4][5]

On February 16, 2014, members of parliament passed a bill toughening penalties for participation in mass riots. After that, the Headquarters of the National Resistance (the coordination center of Euromaidan) announced a "peaceful offensive" on the parliament building. On February 17, the Pravy Sektor put its metropolitan and regional units on alert.

The participants of the picket led by people's deputies Oleg Lyashko, Andriy Parubiy, Oleh Tyahnybok, Andriy Illienko planned to demand an urgent decision on the settlement of the conflict in the country. On the morning of February 18, several thousand activists headed from the Maidan to the parliament building, the Verkhovna Rada. But 100 meters from the parliament building, the path was blocked by trucks placed there by the police. In an effort to break through to the Verkhovna Rada, extremists of the Pravy Sector and Maidan Self-Defense began to throw stones and Molotov cocktails at the security forces. Cars caught fire. Police used tear gas and stun grenades to suppress the rioters. The peaceful action for stabilization in the country turned into massive bloody clashes.

Leafets with instructions handed out to Soros-backed terrorists in Euromaiden Square, Kiev were identical to those handed out in Tahrir Square, Cairo three years earlier. On the left printed in Arabic, on the right in the Ukrainian language. 117 people were killed by Obama and Soros' terrorists.

On February 20, 2014, snipers firing from a building controlled by the Pravy Sektor shot and killed 25 people, both police and protesters. More than 350 citizens were injured, more than 250 were hospitalized. Riots in the center of Kiev continued in the following days. In connection with the tragic events, February 20 was declared a day of mourning. However, on this day, the clashes intensified. Dozens of people were killed by Pravy Sektor snipers atop the Music Conservatory and Hotel Ukraina buildings.[6] According to official data of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, from February 18 to February 21, 2014, 77 people were killed. The organized mass killing of both protesters and the police had the goal of delegitimizing the Yanukovych government. Western media blamed Yanukovych and the Berkut police. The mass murder in fact was carried out by the Pravy Sektor, the group Nuland and John McCain were promoting to take over the new regime.


A female Maidan medic during the massacre was pointing to the top of a building and shouting about snipers. But her words were translated in a BBC report as referring to six protesters killed by the snipers in that area. A Maidan protester and another Maidan medic, who were wounded near the same spot where two protesters were killed, both testified at the Maidan massacre trial that they were shot from this building. Government ballistic experts confirmed this during on-site investigative experiments.

These revelations were not reported by any Western media. This includes The New York Time, which on April 5, 2014, profiled this wounded protester against the backdrop of an unquestioned report by the acting Kiev regime that blaming “former President Viktor F. Yanukovych, his riot police and their suspected Russian assistants for the violence that killed more than 100 people in Kiev in February.” It also includes CNN, which filmed the shooting of this medic and attributed it to the government forces.

The Maidan regime investigation simply denies that there were any snipers there and in other Maidan-controlled buildings, and refuses to investigate them. This is done despite videos of such snipers and testimonies of the absolute majority of wounded protesters at the trial and investigation and more than 150 other witnesses about snipers in these locations.

The official investigation in Ukraine simply denies that there were any such snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings, even though the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine previously stated that snipers massacred many protesters from the Hotel Ukraina and other buildings. [7]

Testimonies by five Georgian ex-military members in Italian, Israeli, Macedonian and Russian media and their published depositions to defense lawyers of police from the former regime in the Maidan massacre trial have also been ignored. They stated that their groups received weapons, payments, and orders to massacre both police and protesters from specific Maidan and Georgian politicians. They also said that they received instructions from an ex-U.S. Army sniper and then saw Georgian, Baltic States, and Praqvy Sektor-linked snipers shooting from specific Maidan-controlled buildings.

Western media silence also ignored a statement by Anatolii Hrytsenko, who was a Maidan politician and minister of defense, that the investigation of the massacre was stonewalled because of the involvement of someone from the current leadership of Ukraine in the mass killing.[8]

Investigation and whitewash

The official investigation by the coup regime was fabricated and stonewalled.[9] The forensic investigations which were made public at the Maidan massacre trial revealed that on February 20, 2014, the absolute majority of the protesters were shot from side and back directions and from top to bottom directions, while videos and photos of the massacre showed them facing the Berkut special police force on the same ground level. In January 2015, a forensic ballistic examination conducted upon the request of prosecution concluded that bullets extracted from killed protesters did not match the bullet samples from any Kalashnikov assault rifle which members of the Berkut special police force were then armed. The findings of this computer-based ballistic examination and results of the other 40 ballistic examinations were reversed in a couple of ballistic examinations conducted manually in the very end of the investigation. Such unexplained reversals which contradicted other evidence, such as testimonies of wounded protesters and results of forensic medical examinations, suggested that the findings of the new examinations of bullets were unreliable and likely falsified. The forensic ballistic examinations also found that many protesters were killed on February 18–20 by hunting pellets and expanding hunting bullets, in particular, with caliber that did not match calibers of weapons used by the special police company, whose members were charged with killings these protesters.[10]

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