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Andriy Parubiy

Justin Trudeau meeting with neo-Nazi party founder Andriy Parubiy.[1]

Andriy Parubiy founded in 1991 the Social-National Party of Ukraine, together with Oleh Tyahnybok, another Maidan coup leader and the present leader of the Svoboda party. The name Social-National Party was chosen as a fully intentional allusion to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party called National Socialist Party. This interpretation has been confirmed by Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading weekly news magazine. True to its historical inspiration, the Social-National Party (SNUP) did not conceal its radical nationalism and its neo-Nazi features.[2] As of 2022, Parubiy was the Speaker of the Kyiv NATO puppet regime parliament.

Aidar Battalion

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Parubiy was personally engaged in the selection of the first hundred candidates for joining the Aidar battalion.

Odessa Trade Unions House massacre

See also: Odessa Trade Unions House massacre

It is known that the group that besieged the Odessa Trade Unions House where 43 anti-Maidan protesters were burnt alive included not only "Maidan protesters", but also representatives of ultra-right nationalist groups, as well as local Ultras. Andriy Parubiy, the coordinator of Euromaidan in 2014, closely communicated with the audience and gave instructions.[3]