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Jefferson, Jeff., or JF, is a proposed state in far-south Oregon to northern California, covering 21 counties. It is a rural area, and the reason they want to secede from California is that the Los Angeles and the San Francisco Democrat strongholds dictate high taxes for all of the beautiful State of California, which is being devastated by far-left Democrats such as Gavin Newsom, Eric Garcetti, London Breed, and other Democrats who control California. The movement to create a new state has strong grassroots support, even with a .org website, and California would have 51 electoral votes, while Jefferson would have 4, based on estimates. Oregon would have no effect, but it would look somewhat like Massachusetts. State of Jefferson activists want to make Jefferson a business-friendly state and fair elections.

Jefferson's Need for Independence

In the active movement's website here[1], there is a column of issues on why Jefferson needs to be independent. Here are the 3 R's:


  • Northern California has parts of 6 out of 80 seats in the California Assembly
  • Parts of 3 out of 40 seats in the California Senate
  • 2 out of 53 seats in the US House of Representatives from California
  • LA Basin & SF Bay Area make all our decisions (re: Fire Tax)


  • California is the 2nd worst tax state and has the highest deficit nationwide
  • Personal Income Tax is the nation's highest
  • Sales Tax top 10 highest in the nation
  • State Gas Taxes @ .53 cents per gallon is the highest; this is before "Cap and Trade" hikes them even further and the new 2017 fuel hikes take effect.
  • Property Taxes are 10th highest in the nation
  • Business Taxes rank 3rd worst in the nation
  • Business climate where 5% of CA businesses LEFT the state annually
  • Social Services are 32% of the budget where 3 million undocumented people enjoy those services


  • Correcting the remedy for Reynolds vs. Sims and returning to the Federal Model of government which existed in 30 states prior to 1964 and was specifically approved by CA voters in 1926 (Prop 28)
  • Electing our own 2 US Senators and Congressional representatives
  • Electing our own Governor, State Senate, and House based on Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution
  • Make Jefferson a business-friendly state with common sense tax laws and no state corporate income taxes
  • Taxes on Property will stay in our counties but not be encumbered by the county (no property tax rolls)
  • Laws that will hold our representatives accountable to us
  • Reduce the 570 state agencies and bureaucracies
  • Constitutionally based laws
  • Utilization of our natural resources - timber, water, farming, mining, hunting, and fishing
  • Revamping Social Services


21 Counties (Coos and Douglas and Lake Counties in Oregon, and Humboldt, Trinity, Shasta, Lassen, Mendocino, Lake, Tehama, Plumas, Glenn, Butte, Colusa, Sierra, Sutter, Yuba, Nevada, Placer and El Dorado Counties in California), would make up Jefferson, which population as of the 2010 Census would be 2,313,958, which would make it the 36th most populous state in the United States.