London Breed

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London Breed

London Breed is the Democrat socialist mayor of San Fransisco who assumed the office in July 2018.


The City of San Francisco official "poop map" of reports of human feces on the street.[1]

The CCP pandemic emptied parts of San Francisco and highlighted some of its drawbacks: human and dog feces smeared across sidewalks,[2] home and vehicle break-ins, overflowing trash cans, and a laissez-faire approach by officials to brazen drug dealing. Parents despaired as public schools stayed closed for most of 2021 as nearby districts welcomed children back to the classroom.[3] Drug dealers carry translucent bags filled with crystal-like rocks or stand outside the public library’s main branch, flashing wads of cash while peddling heroin and methamphetamine.[4] The number of people that died from drug overdoses in San Francisco in 2021 was nearly three times as high as the number that died from COVID.[5]

Hate crime attacks

On October 17, 2020 a racist mob of Democrats attacked a Free Speech rally organized by an African American man, Philip Anderson, and beat other participants.[6] In 2021, a 19-year-old Black teenager murdered an 84-year-old Asian man in an unprovoked attack.[7] A man of Chinese and Filipino descent was attacked by an African American male in the Mission District sustaining serious head injuries and loss of eyesight.[8] In Los Gatos, "light skinned or Hispanic" man pushed a Filipino woman to the ground from behind and told her to "go back to [expletive] China."[9]

Religious discrimination

On September 25, 2020, the Trump Justice Department had to warn London Breed on her unconstitutional covid lockdown orders:

"These rules plainly discriminate against people of faith and their ability to gather and practice their faith at churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship. Put simply, there is no scientific or legal justification for permitting a 20,000 square foot synagogue to admit only one worshipper while allowing a tattoo parlor to accommodate as many patrons as it can fit so long as they are six feet apart. This is not the kind of reasonable, temporary, and narrowly tailored regulation to protect public health and safety that can justify infringements on fundamental rights such as religious freedom."[10]

Racial discrimination

In September 2020 Breed announced the city would pay expectant Black and Pacific Islander birthing persons a $1,000 a month payment. Whites need not apply.[11]