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Joe Heck
Joseph J. Heck.jpg
Former U.S. Representative from Nevada's 3rd Congressional District
From: January 3, 2011 – January 3, 2017
Predecessor Dina Titus
Successor Jacky Rosen
Former State Senator from Nevada's 5th District
From: November 2, 2004 – November 4, 2008
Predecessor Ann O'Connell
Successor ???
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Lisa Heck
Religion Roman Catholic
Military Service
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army
Service Years 1991 – present
Rank Brigadier General
Unit 325th Combat Support Hospital
Battles/wars Operation Joint Endeavor
Operation Noble Eagle
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Joseph John “Joe” Heck (born October 30, 1961 in Jamaica, New York, age 59) is a pro-life osteopathic physician and former member of the Nevada State Senate. He was the Republican U.S. Representative-elect from Nevada's 3rd congressional district from 2011 to 2017, defeating incumbent pro-abortion Democrat Dina Titus in the 2010 election and later re-elected two times.

Nevada Senate

While serving in the Nevada Senate, Heck voted in favor of the 2008-2009 education budget,[1] against required coverage for the HPV vaccine,[2] and against state financial aid for undocumented students unless their parents are actively serving in the military.[3]

U.S. House of Representatives

Having neocon leanings, Heck voted to extend the Patriot Act expiration date in May 2011.[4]

Heck voted in July 2011 to increase the debt ceiling.[5] He later voted in 2013 against HR 325, a measure that would suspend the debt limit only hitherto May 18, 2013, increase the limit thereafter, though would withhold compensation payments made to congressional members unless they pass a budget.[6]

Heck voted in favor of implementing a free trade policy with Korea.[7]

Heck voted in May 2014 against publicly funding climate change “reports”.[8]

Heck voted in favor of HR 3009, a bill that would block funding for state and local governments that restrict law enforcement agencies from being able to request immigration statuses from individuals.[9]

Rep. Heck has voted in favor of VA accountability.[10]

Heck voted for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act in September 2015, a bill that passed the House with unanimous Republican support in addition to having support from five Democrats.[11] He also voted during this period to de-fund Planned Parenthood.[12]

Heck voted against lifting sanctions on Iran as a response to the passage of the Iran nuclear deal.[13]

Heck voted in favor of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015, which raised spending and debt limits.[14]

Rep. Heck co-sponsored a bill in September 2016 that provided regulatory relief for schools and small businesses.[15]

Heck was the only Republican to join 110 Democrats in voting against repealing the IPAB,[16] a bureaucratic “death panel[17] created in the early Obama era.

2016 U.S. Senate campaign

Heck announced in mid-2015 his run for U.S. Senate.[18] His run was later backed by the Koch brothers through the Freedom Partners Action Fund[19] as well as the Senate Leadership Fund,[20] a super PAC with direct ties to establishment RINO Mitch McConnell.

While initially supportive of Donald Trump's candidacy for president concurrent with his Senate run, Heck withdrew his endorsement after the Access Hollywood tapes were released,[21] stating at a campaign rally that he can't support the Republican nominee “in good conscience”, which quickly elicited boos from the crowd.[22] This led to abandonment from some conservatives within Nevada, signalling his downfall in an already-slim attempt in running for office from a blue-purple state.[23] Despite possibly having had somewhat stronger support from Hispanic voters than Trump did, as earlier polling showed,[24] Heck subsequently lost to the corrupt liberal Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto by a slim margin of less than 2.5% of the vote.[25]

Political positions

A moderate Republican, Heck opposes abortion, Obamacare, gun control, and illegal immigration,[26] though he has voted to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act and against repealing DACA in at least one point.[27]


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