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Justin Welby (born 1956 in London) is the Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest post in the Church of England. He was educated at Eton College, then Trinity College, Cambridge University, where he studied history and law. He worked for 11 years as an executive for an oil company before deciding to re-train for the church in 1989. His previous post before becoming Archbishop was Bishop of Durham. Welby is married with five children.[1]

Teaching and leadership

Welby is seen by conservative and orthodox members of the church as weak in defending traditional or unfashionable doctrines, and has been criticized by Anglican Mainstream and other spokesmen for his failure to defend Christian doctrine on marriage. In an interview by Alastair Campbell for GQ magazine, when asked whether homosexual practice was sinful, he replied that he was "unable to give a straight answer" then went on to replicate LGBT rhetoric by insisting that "homophobia" far more sinful because it involves "hating" someone.[2] Some observers who understand the correct Christian doctrine which is to disapprove of sinful behavior regarded his reply as disappointing. [3] Welby's claim that marriage in the Old Testament was defined sometimes as the union of "a man and several women" was also incorrect. He was confusing polygamy (many marriages, with one wife in each) with polyamory (a group marriage in which all partners are married to each other).

Welby generally avoids controversial issues such as abortion and prefers to speak out on poverty and migration. In 2015, he took in Muslim migrants from Syria to live in a cottage at Lambeth Palace, his London residence, sparking criticism that he had never done the same for any of the tens of thousands of homeless British people, many of whom sleep rough on the streets.[4]

In June 2016, at the time of the Brexit Referendum, he openly campaigned for the UK to remain in the European Union and did so in terms that were extremely insulting to the Leave campaign, claiming that to wish to regain independence was "succumbing to our worst instincts".[5]

In May 2017, Welby visited Germany and had a well-publicized meeting with ex-US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in what looked like a studied public insult to the recently elected President Donald Trump.[6]

Capitulating to Bullying.

In July 2013, Welby invited the LBGT extremist lobby group Stonewall, to teach in England's 1700 Church of England primary schools, as part of his call for the Church to join the “sexual revolution.” Stonewall has many close links with pedophilia and is notorious for the brutal bullying tactics that it has used on Christians.

Later activities

Justin Welby attended the January 2016 meeting by globalist elite cabal the World Economic Forum.[7]

In November 2019, Welby stated that the CofE's position on the murder of unborn children was "very clear", but was then unable to explain what the position actually was.[8]

Justin Welby, as reported on 9 December 2022, believes that the UK government's (largely ineffective) policy to deport illegal migrants is "cruel".[9]