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"Moving the goalposts" is a British expression first popularized in the late 20th century and is obscure in America outside of use by elitist liberals such as evolutionists in debates. It is allegedly the practice of, in an argument, one person challenging the other to meet a certain set of conditions in order to prove something, and then proceeding to change those conditions after they have been met by the other person. Essentially, moving the goalposts is when an evolutionist tells you "Show me proof of God!", and, after being shown the Bible, telling you that "Um...the Bible doesn't count! Show me something else!"

The phrase is often used by liberals in an effort to seem "educated" and "intelligent" by using the obscure, hardly-used phrase. This is unsurprising, as rather than actually use scientific data and peer-reviewed facts to back up their globalist, Anti-American claims, evolutionists will resort to attempting to confuse the other person when backed into a corner. Luckily, the only goalpost that real Americans need is the Holy Bible.

The phrase's obscurity can be demonstrated with a quick Google search. "Moving the goalposts" has only 450,000 references on a Google search as of August 22, 2017,[1] while a Google search for "creationism", a mainstream scientific subject, has 4,510,000 results. This proves without a doubt that evolution is false.

Why "Moving the Goalposts" Isn't Bad

As evolutionists are incapable of explaining the wonders of God's creation, they often resort to this phrase and other types of "logic" when pressed by creation scientists in debates, as in "now you're moving the goalposts" in response to a question.

Thus, asserting that someone is moving the goalposts is a common logical fallacy.



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