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Paul Wheaton, nicknamed by Geoff Lawton as the 'Duke of Permaculture' is a leader in the world of Permaculture. He founded and runs the largest permaculture forum at where they discuss "all things permaculture". He is descirbed by many in the permaculture movement as a "larger-than-life character."[1]

Mr. Wheaton has written numerous articles at his blog These articles include such topics as use of diatomaceous earth as an natural safe insect killer, rotational grazing plans for chickens, wofati structures, and a homage to his teacher permaculture author and Austrian alpine farmer Sepp Holzer. He has published hundreds of Permaculture podcasts and YouTube videos.[2] Paul is a Master Gardener, permaculture designer and a java software engineer. He has ran several successful KickStarter campaigns including one for Permaculture Playing Cards.

Paul received his PDC in 2005. He has visited hundreds of farms and sites using permaculture principles over the years resulting a wealth of permaculture knowledge. Paul resides on his permaculture farm in Missoula, Montana in the American Redoubt.

Podcasts and Video Presentations

  • Permaculture Keynote Address Video - Southern California Permaculture Convergence - Paul Wheaton - An entertaining and informative video with a very high level view of all things Paul Wheaton has interest in. Well worth your time to watch. Mr. Wheaton claims that if you look at all the downloads of his numerous popular permaculture audio podcasts, YouTube videos, public speaking engagements and innumerable blog and forum postings, he has uttered the word "Permaculture" to 22 million people - an average of 8 times per person.[3]

This is the keynote presentation Mr. Wheaton gave at the 2013 Southern California Permaculture Convergence.


  • rocket mass heater
  • wofati
  • 500 hot showers from one compost pile
  • hugelkultur
  • paddock shift systems
  • diatomaceous earth
  • [umford fireplace
  • fracking
  • solar food dehydrators
  • double chamber cob oven
  • home scale DIY threshers
  • convert road kill to chicken feed with maggots
  • scythe
  • bee colony collapse disorder solved
  • bicycle panniers from kitty litter buckets
  • cob houses
  • Masanobu Fookuoka out-produces conventional rice
  • refrigeration without electricity
  • home made $1700 shipping container
  • apple tree from seed / not pruning
  • Farmstead Meatsmith's chopping block
  • raw milk
  • electric tractor
  • relationship between ethics and bricks
  • the cult in permaculture
  • polyculture
  • poop and pee as a resource instead of a pollutant
  • unravelling the greenwashing of the CFL light bulb
  • fence made from pallets hold in goats and pigs
  • jumping spiders vs. brown recluse
  • poo-less: no soap or shampoo in the shower
  • natural swimming pool
  • catch a mouse without a mousetrap
  • flea control
  • bee hut
  • never buy chicken feed again; what to plant
  • stealth pond
  • nettles
  • sunchokes
  • mullein
  • black locust
  • comfrey
  • greening deserts
  • legionella

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