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Pedro Pool.

Pedro Leonidas Pool Vargas (b. Osorno, September 26, 1961 -) is a Chilean businessman owner of a supermarket chain in Osorno (called Pool Alimentos), who in 2022 became a commentator on Chilean politics through his own YouTube account after appearing in other channels since 2020. He is a candidate for the Presidency of Chile and wants to participate in the 2026 elections.

Pool studied Business Administration at Universidad de Los Lagos and also studied in the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, he is currently divorced.

Economically he can be classified as a Paleolibertarian.

Pool, who openly manifests patriotic right-wing ideas, was part of the short-lived Amplitud center-right party in 2016 (formed in 2014 as a split from National Renewal), year in which he participated as spokesman of the group in Osorno and was even close to being a candidate for mayor of the commune.[1] Finally, he ran as councilman in the 2016 municipal elections, elections in which he received only 246 votes, that is, 0.72% of the preferences, so he was not elected by far.

At the end of 2021, during the presidential campaign, he invited former candidate José Antonio Kast to his YouTube program "Bajo la lupa" (Under the magnifying glass),[2] and declared himself a supporter, later retiring the support years later.

In his social networks, after the election of Gabriel Boric, has shown himself as a strong critic and tried to interrupt an activity in Osorno of the Government communist spokesperson Minister, Camila Vallejo, on July 13, 2023.

On May 7, 2022 the businessman gave an interview to the Argentine program "Tormenta de ideas".[3] In this program, he was compared to the Argentine congressman, economist, and later President Javier Milei. In view of this, Pool Vargas said that "given the misfortune we are living through because we also have a deconstructed right wing here in Chile, I will surely be a candidate for President of my country. I will not receive a salary and I will renounce to the lifetime retirement that presidents have of around 20 million Chilean pesos. We are talking about US$25,000 per month".[4]

In July 2022 he said that in his same YouTube program that the former Constituents Jaime Bassa and Jaime Atria deserved death penalty for treason to Chile, in September 2023 he also said that center-right globalist traitors like Sebastián Piñera and Evelyn Matthei deserved the same treatment for involving Chile on a process to change the Chilean Constitution that the people didn't wanted, and was rejected twice by patriots in Chile, closing the process twice. He also said that communist deserve to be transported to Dawson Island in the Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica Region.

He was formerly member of the Party of the South, Amplitud and then National Renewal.

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