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This page contains the items that were once on the "Breaking News" section of the Main Page. The articles are mainly about Hugo Chavez.
Contains archives from Jan. 2007 to September 2013.

  1. Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, admits to television talk-show host Larry King that he (Fox) and President George W. Bush were working on a plan that included introducing a common currency to all North American countries. Fox blames Hugo Chavez of Venezuela for getting in the way. WorldNetDaily [1] View a CNN transcript here. Watch a YouTube one-minute video clip here. (Note: unconfirmed reports state that CNN is scrubbing this dialogue from transcripts of the Larry King show--but they couldn't do it before other Web activists had already begun to cache it.)
  2. Obama and Edwards willing to get cozy with Castro and Chavez. Miami Herald
  3. Protesters take to the streets in Venezuela as freedom of speech is taken apart by leftist dictator Hugo Chavez: [2]
  4. Energy Solutions to Help American Families, Not Hugo Chavez [3]
  5. Hugo Chavez demands that Pope Benedict apologize for saying the Roman Catholic Church purified Indians in Latin America. Chavez called the treatment of Indians after Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 a "holocaust". See article here.
  6. Leftist Hugo Chavez "to freeze relations with Colombia." [4]
  7. Hugo Chavez stormtrooper assaults journalist during interview. [5] Concern grows over human rights in leftist Venezuela. VOA News
  8. Spanish King Tells Venezuelan President Chavez to 'Shut Up' [6]
    Hugo Chavez, the outspoken leftist dictator who called U.S. President George W. Bush the "devil" on the floor of the United Nations last year, triggered the exchange by repeatedly referring to former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar as a "fascist."
    Spanish King Juan Carlos, angrily turned to Chavez and said, "Why don't you shut up?"
  9. Hugo Chavez pushes socialism, pushed constitutional reforms that would make him dictator for life, expected the people to vote for it while calling those who wouldn't traitors...and now he has to take NO for an answer: [7][8]
    File:Chavez sweats.jpg
    The profuse amount of sweating says it all
  10. President Hugo Chavez would take on expanded powers and no longer face term limits under sweeping constitutional changes being considered by Venezuelans Sunday in a contentious vote that has raised tensions in South America's top oil exporter. [9] [Dead link]
  11. Tens of thousands of President Hugo Chavez's supporters filled the streets Friday vowing to win a vote on constitutional changes that would let the firebrand leftist seek re-election for years to come (as dictator). Opponents called for close monitoring of results in what they expect could be a tight contest. [10]
  12. Students in Venezuela protest Hugo Chavez's attempt at changing the constitution, declaring it would give him dictatorial power [11].
  13. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch has criticised the erosion of democracy in Venezuela under the rule of its pseudo-Communist dictator Hugo Chavez. In the past decade, says HRW, "his professed commitment to [democracy] is belied by his government’s willful disregard for the institutional guarantees and fundamental rights that make democratic participation possible. Venezuela will not achieve real and sustained progress toward strengthening its democracy—nor will it serve as a useful model for other countries in the region—so long as its government continues to flout the human rights principles enshrined in its own constitution." The Chavez junta reacted to the report by throwing two HRW observers out of the country. [12]
  14. The Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Liberty is awarded to 23-year-old student Yon Goicoechea, who has courageously opposed the autocratic policies of leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez despite suffering violent assault and intimidation. [13] Congratulations, Yon!
  15. Hollywood Values were showcased at the 81st annual Academy Awards, with a drug abuser (Heath Ledger) and a radical leftist apologist for the likes of the Taliban, and butchers Fidel Castro & Hugo Chavez (Sean Penn) taking two of the top honors. [14]
  16. Summit of the Americas: Obama open to meeting with Hugo Chavez. "I am ready to talk with the U.S. president," Chavez said. "Let's hope, and I have said this, perhaps we can restore the relations to the same level that we had with the Clinton administration." Do liberals dislike any dictators? [15]
    Chavez Obama.jpg
  17. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, often portrayed as a cuddly socialist, has presided over myriad political and human rights abuses since he took office in 1999. [16]
  18. The anti-American book given to Obama by Hugo Chavez "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent," this leftist indoctrination has passed exam boards and is taught in over 20 American universities since 2003. [17]
  19. Coup in Honduras Army ousts Zelaya, Hugo Chavez ally, in dispute over term limits referendum. [18]
    Obama sides with leftist Zelaya, seeks to reinstate and "meddle" in Honduran affairs. [19]
  20. Obama's buddy Hugo Chavez "tightens his grip" by taking control over one-fifth of deposits: "President Hugo Chavez's government assumed control of Venezuela's third-largest bank on Friday — making the state the largest player in the nation's banking system. The purchase of the Spanish-owned Banco de Venezuela gives Chavez's socialist government control over more than one-fifth of bank deposits as he tightens his grip over the economy."[20]
  21. Obama's buddy "Hugo Chavez is currently conducting a political and financial 'blitzkrieg' in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia. So far, country responses to his aggressive efforts have been rather languid, with the exception of Honduras, where a rapid civic and military reaction has checked the progress of his offensive."[21] Uncensored, up-to-the minute news from Honduras can been seen on this blog: [22]
  22. Protesters Tell Hugo Chavez: "You've Struck Out!" Waving Venezuelan flags, protesters accused Chavez of dragging the politically divided South American country into a severe crisis as he accelerates his drive to transform it into a socialist state. [23]
  23. The liberal left does not tolerate free speech one bit, especially speech critical of it. Are we right, Hugo Chavez? [24]
  24. Hugo Chavez extends his dictatorship by swelling the ranks of his "workers militia" to 150,000 people in key economic sectors[25]. And Hitler had his Gestapo, Mussolini had his Black-Shirts, and Stalin had his KGB!
  25. Leftist actor Sean Penn declared that anyone who called Venezuela's Hugo Chavez a dictator should be arrested [26] Note to Penn: Chavez IS a dictator, and we dare you to follow through on your silly threat.
  26. Lesson (Once Again) Learned Department?: Google to Shutter China Operations. U.S. Internet giant Google will close its business in China next month and may announce its plans next week, Chinese media reported on Friday, after rows over censorship and hacking. Liberals like the ones who run Google, always think they can excuse and accommodate thuggish dictators like Hugo Chavez and the Chinese Communists, but when in history has that ever worked? [27]
  27. Hugo Chavez proves once again that he's a dictator: [28]
  28. Hungry, Mr. Chavez? Eat the 80,000 tons of rotting food you stole from your citizens. [29]
  29. Dictator Hugo Chavez' Resume Includes Murder. The defiant protest from Miss Venezuela in Las Vegas, silently calling attention to the fact that the sweeping socialistic changes wrought by Chavez included a "murder every 90 minutes:" [30]
  30. More people are waking up to the fact that they don't want socialism forced on them, and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is finding that out. Chavez's socialist party loses its 2/3 super-majority, which means he can't pass his draconian laws: [31]
  31. Hugo Chavez wants another run over Venezuela with his fourth Enabling act [32]. And the liberal left is still denying he's a dictator!
  32. "Why doesn’t Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez get cancer treatment at home?" Answer: the communist dictator "governed badly, giving away our riches to other countries. You can die in a hospital here," one Venezuelan citizen observes. [33]
  33. "Hugo Chavez in hospital 'for kidney failure.'" [34] And communist health care does not provide the high quality that free enterprise health care gives.
  34. Trouble in paradise? "Hugo Chavez blasted President Barack Obama as a 'clown' and an 'embarrassment' who has turned the United States into a 'disaster' after Obama criticized Venezuela's ties with Iran and Cuba." [35]
  35. It's another six years of Hugo Chavez...or is it? Did the Venezuelan strongman actually lose the election? [36]
  36. Are communists resorting again to liberal denial, as they have about Fidel Castro? Hugo Chavez "has not been seen or heard from since a Dec. 11 surgery for an undisclosed type of cancer." [37]
  37. Communist Hugo Chavez may be "kept alive by life support machines" and might be "in an induced coma in Cuba." [38] Or, similar to the liberal denial about Fidel Castro, Chavez may have died last month and leftists are lying in saying he's alive.
  38. The liberal media go along with the communist cover-up about Hugo Chavez, despite how he likely died in a Cuban hospital in December. [39]
  39. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.
    Hugo Chavez dies. [40]
  40. "There is divine justice," observed a Venezuelan after the government acknowledged Hugo Chavez's death. "That man made our lives horrible." [41] But the commies will be brutal there in holding on to power.
  41. The desolation left behind in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez: [42]
  42. Liberal logic: Hugo Chavez's successor promises, if elected, to hold a special investigation into whether Chavez was "inoculated with cancer cells," and hints that he suspects the "American Empire" was responsible. [43] The liberal media played into this accusation by promoting the fake claims and photo of Chavez's purported good health.
  43. The socialist "paradise" of Venezuela is now on the brink of hyperinflation. [44]