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Rosanne Boyland

Phillip Anderson (left) was with Rosanne Boyland when she was trampled to death after Capitol Police pepper spread peaceful protesters. "She was holding my hand when she died."[1]

Rosanne Boyland was a peaceful protester who was reportedly beaten to death[2] by DC Metro Police officer Lila Morris at the J6 protests. Morris was seen on video beating Boyland with devastating force as Boyland lay unconscious on the U.S. Capitol steps. Fake news media reports attributed her death to a drug overdose. Philip Anderson, a victim of Antifa violence in San Francisco in the fall of 2020[3][4], held Boyland's hand at the time of her death.[5] A second eyewitness came forward and made an audio recorded statement to Jim Hoft of the Gateway Pundit.[6]

Refusal to release autopsy report

Ten months after the killing, the family was denied Roseanne Boyland's full autopsy report by the DC Medical Examiner’s office and the Biden Department of Justice. The Government of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department also denied the family of Rosanne Boyland the video footage they posess showing her death after her father filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain it.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) grilled chief procurator Merrick Garland under oath about Boyland’s death and the video showing Boyland being beaten and possibly killed by a DC Police Officer on the Capitol steps. Gohmert asked Garland if a determination was ever made to the DC Metro Police Officer who struck Rosanne Boyland repeatedly in the head with a rod before she died. According to The Gateway Pundit, Garland proceeded to lie to the nation in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The Boyland family has since contacted the Department of Justice, and were told there was no such investigation.[7]