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Safe spaces are areas where leftists are shielded from criticism. Trigger warnings are notifications that the subject matter of content one is about to consume may offend them. Islamic no-go zones are safe spaces for Muslims.[1]

Leftists have been widely criticized for implementing safe spaces, which exist mainly on university campuses (see Political correctness on college campuses). However, some Republicans (generally Never Trumpers) support the idea of safe spaces.[2]

Atheists have been major proponents of safe spaces and trigger warnings,[3] along with the LGBTQ.[4]

Liberals were mocked by Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Christina Hoff Sommers for being overly sensitive and easily "triggered."[5] They were heckled throughout the speech by social justice warriors in the audience, one of whom was an obese feminist[6] later nicknamed, "Trigglypuff."[7][8]

Liberal college students have been caught advocating for racial segregation in universities.[9]

Ben Shapiro, who hosted a "Bonus Meme Review" for politically incorrect YouTuber PewDiePie,[10] has compared the leftist desire for trigger warnings and safe spaces for minorities to their inability to address the issue of black-on-black violence.[11]

South Park has parodied the concept of safe spaces.[12]

Several members of the Intellectual Dark Web and New Right participated in the creation of a movie called, "No Safe Spaces," exposing the social justice left.[13][14]