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Sean Keith Rima

(San Antonio radio personality)

Born October 28, 1967
Annapolis, Maryland
Spouse Susan Rima (divorced)

Siria Arriaga-Rima (married 2016)[1] Daughter Avery Rima
Two stepchildren

Sean Keith Rima (born October 28, 1967) is a talk show host for KTSA radio in San Antonio, Texas, one of the oldest stations in the United States. He broadcasts from a conservative and libertarian viewpoint on weekday mornings. His local colleagues are Trey Ware, host of the morning news beginning at 5:05 a.m., and Jack Riccardi, broadcaster of the evening program from 4:05 to 7 p.m. weekdays.

Rima was born in the capital city of Annapolis, Maryland, and graduated from Broadneck Senior High School there. He attended Anne Arundel Community College in nearby Arnold in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.[2] Prior to his move to San Antonio in 2011, with Alpha Media, the parent company of KTSA, Rima worked for a dozen radio stations, including ones in the capital cities of Denver, Colorado, and Austin, Texas, where he met the cowboy humorist Kinky Friedman, and in Los Angeles, California. He describes his program as “High-Wire Radio, where I do as little planning as possible, so my Inner-Clown can run amok.”[3] He has formerly resided in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and Larkspur in Douglas County, Colorado; Easton in Talbot County, Maryland, and Newark in New Castle County, Delaware.[4]

Rima published a novel in 2017, Pretty Bags of Meat, about a Latina police officer in San Antonio who is targeted by a killer,[5] and four collections of poetry, including his 2013 Snake Farm Blues: A Texas Love Song.[6] He is married and has one daughter, Avery, and two stepchildren. When possible, he goes tubing on the Comal River north of San Antonio and listening to country music; he is a great admirer of Willie Nelson though the two do not share political philosophies.[3]

In his blog "The Daily Dump", Rima spoke out against the renaming of Robert E. Lee High School at 1400 Jackson-Keller in San Antonio as L. E. E. ("Legacy of Educational Excellence") High School. All seven trustees of the North East Independent School District voted to remove the name of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from the school.[7]

On October 20, 2017, Rima, while substituting for Trey Ware, reminded listeners that he had opposed the administration of Barack H. Obama throughout the eight years of the Obama presidency.

On October 24, 2017, Rima ridiculed political correctness regarding Halloween costumes favored by liberals. In July 2018, he ridiculed a proposal by the "Equity Office", a liberal city agency in Austin, to drop Stephen F. Austin, a slaveholder, as the namesake of the capital city. The Equity Office also proposes the removal of some monument and the renaming of several streets referring to former slaveholders or Civil Warfigures. Noting that he had resided in Austin for two years before relocating to San Antonio, Rima lambasted the general population of the capital city, 68 percent of whom are white, but are heavily liberal in politics. Rima claimed that many white Austinites with whom he personally came into contact during his time there do not bathe regularly or use deodorant.[8]

On January 26, 2018, Rima, a self-described "talk monkey", questioned the $75,000 bonus and pay increase approved by the San Antonio City Council for liberal city manager Sheryl Sculley[9] (born May 20, 1952),[10] who was first appointed to her position in 2005 by then Mayor Phil Hardberger. She had formerly been employed by the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, and then worked for sixteen years as the assistant city manager in Phoenix.[11] Rima noted that Schlley's $475,000 annual salary is $75,000 more than that of the U.S. President. "Get a grip on yourself. ... What are you, the red queen?...," Rima asked Sculley on his radio broadcast. He even called her a "high-maintenance broad." Columnist Brian Chasnoff of the San Antonio Express-News noted that Rima calls himself a "talk monkey", not an Internet troll, but one who "shocks for attention - then gleefully feeds off the outrage."[9]


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