Seas in art

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Seas in art


Thomas Moran, Icebergs in Mid Atlantic, 1909.
The sea and its pictorial representation have been one of the most developed art genres since many centuries ago. From the classical, serene seascapes by Fitz Hugh Lane to the contemporary visions of Richard Diebenkorn, the audacious Japanese Painting or -of course- the incomparable William Turner. (by G. Fernández - [1]

Arctic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Hassam The South Ledges 1913.jpg

The South Ledges, Appledore by Childe Hassam


Andreas Achenbach Clearing Up - Coast of Sicily 1847 PDWC.jpg

Clearing Up, Coast of Sicily by Andreas Achenbach.

Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Southern Ocean



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Édouard Manet Seascape Calm Weather.

Sailboat in Le-Petit-Gennevilliers Claude Monet
Boudin Port de Camaret 1872.jpg

Boudin, Port de Camaret, 1872.