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Maritime Painting Gallery

Maritime Painting

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Eugene Boudin, The Beach at Trouville - The Empress Eugenie, 1863.

Sebastiano Venier (Venice "Capitano Generale da Mar") by Tintoretto, 1571.

Portuguese Carracks off a Rocky Coast by Circle of Joachim Patinir, has justly been labelled the earliest known pure marine painting. Maritime painting was a major genre within Dutch Golden Age; beach-scenes of the mid-17th century by Jacob van Ruisdael played a leading part in the development of Dutch realistic landscape painting. William Turner and Ivan Aivazovsky are considered the best Maritime painters. (Turner (1775-1851) and Aivazovsky (1817-1900) met in Rome, in 1842. Turner had just seen, at an exhibition, some paintings by Aivazovsky and got literally overwhelmed). [1]

Portuguese Carracks off a Rocky Coast by Circle of Joachim Patinir, 1540.

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Claude Joseph Vernet, Shipwreck, 1759.
Claude Joseph Vernet, View of a port in the morning, 1874.
Jules Dupré, Barges fleeing before the storm, 1870-1875..

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Aleksey Motorin, At the Sea, 1953.

Women Bathing by Paul Gauguin, 1885.
Jose Maria Velasco, Bahía de La Habana, 1889.
Thomas Moran, Ulysses and the Sirens, 1900.
Ivan Aivazovsky, Meer, 1864.
Enrique Simonet, Venetian Marine, 1887-1890.

Vittore Carpaccio, Detail from The Meeting of Etherius and Ursula and the Departure of the Pilgrims, 1498.
Paul Signac, Saint Tropez, L'orage, 1895.
Hans Gude, Sailing into the Oslo fiord, 1872.

Maxime Maufra, Reentering Port at Douarnenez, 1906.