Styx (moon)

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Moons of Pluto.jpg
Date of discovery June 26, 2012
Name of discoverer M. R. Showalter
Name origin River of the underworld, and object of an oath binding even on the gods.
Orbital characteristics
Primary Pluto
Order from primary 2
Perihadion 42,409 km
Aphadion 42,903 km
Semi-major axis 42,656 km
Orbital eccentricity 0.005787
Sidereal month 20.16155 da
Inclination 0.809° to Pluto's equator
Physical characteristics
: This article is about the moon of Pluto. For the river of the underworld, see Styx.

Styx is the second presently known moon of Pluto. M. R. Showalter of the New Horizons Imaging Team discovered it in 2012. They were searching carefully for any stray object with which their robot rocket probe New Horizons might collide in its passage through the Plutonian system.