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Why the move?

VargasMilan, would you please clarify why you moved the article? You stated that you moved it because search engines "overpromoted" the article.[1] Is that a bad thing? Please explain. --1990'sguy (talk) 16:50, 17 March 2017 (EDT)

The purpose of the article was to firstly help keep the admins, and secondly others, informed about conservatives who were making effective use of Twitter to communicate their conservatism. I hadn't even read the TCOT Report article here at Conservapedia or known the hashtag was founded by an organization that later dissolved. And the admins here didn't request it, and I don't know if they have even reviewed it, though others obviously have.
But now the article is the first in search results on Google for the name of the hashtag, so the page has literally inherited the name of the phrase. But the purpose of it was to inform about conservative Twitter activity, never to inherit the franchise.
Various conservatives try to combine their conservatism with other activities that might make detract from their conservatism or "dilute" it. This puts me in the position of having to have a mental definition of conservatism and applying it. While I can listen to examples and criteria of conservatism suggested in Conservapedia articles and discussions, it requires making a decision, and I can anticipate eventually making one just as a difficult case arises, instead of when there's leisure to reflect. So I am relinquishing the task before it gets to the point where it looks like I am defining conservatism on behalf of Conservapedia, instead of following Conservapedia for my definition, for the public on the internet. I could state my reasons for each decision, but the purpose of the list was never to evaluate each conservative for their conservatism either; it was to avoid that if possible. VargasMilan (talk) 03:18, 18 March 2017 (EDT)

Bubbling up

This is a list of Twitter users who have fewer followers than the top 100 conservatives on Twitter or are on hold until the end of the month. VargasMilan (talk) 10:03, 26 May 2018 (EDT)

As of January 31, 2019:

RockPrincess, 101,091 followers (Feb. 9)
Sher. Joe Arpaio, 101,061 followers
Todd Starnes, 98,138 followers
Brent Bozell, 93,374 followers BraveHeart, 88,535 followers

Hale Razor, 81,183 followers
Alex (@SoCal4Trump), 80,697 followers
Lynne Patton, 77,773 followers
Michael Reagan, 75,781 followers Fred Barnes, 75,439 followers [inactive]

Liz Cheney, 75,030 followers
Eric Metaxas, 72,945 followers
Jack Burton, 67,319 followers
Cameron Gray, 65,509 followers Kelly South, 61,863 followers

Jan Brewer, 53,611 followers

Hannah K

I removed Hannah K and said something like "She's not much of a conservative". Well that is too generic to be an appropriate reason. To be more specific, she keeps attacking the conservative wing of the Republicans and Trump and her number of followers shows it—she had 130,000 followers on July 2, 2018 and today she only has 80,000. I will be even more specific as I have time because I don't want to seem arbitrary. VargasMilan (talk) 12:31, 12 October 2018 (EDT)