The Establishment Dynasty

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The Establishment Dynasty (1989-2017) is a term used to describe the four U.S. presidential administrations between those of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump: George H.W. Bush (1989-1993); Bill Clinton (1993-2001); George W. Bush (2001-2009); and Barack Hussein Obama (2009-2017). Though half-Republican and half-Democrat, all four were neoliberal globalists and are Never Trumpers.[1][2][3][4] Largely successful anti-establishment movements on both the left[5] and the right[6] have risen to oppose them. Bush, Sr., who voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016, passed away in 2018, and as with the funerals of globalists John McCain and Barbara Bush, Donald Trump was excluded from his funeral.[7] While the dynasty was in power, the economy stagnated, trillions of dollars were added to the national debt,[8] the ever-encroaching role of government rapidly expanded,[9] and the working and middle classes suffered.[10] This was a sharp contrast to anti-establishment conservatives Reagan and Trump. This oligarchical "club" very much enjoyed holding on to almost three decades of power, but has since panicked at the successes of President Trump and certain left-wing populists such as Bernie Sanders.[11][12] The election of Clinton II in 2016 would have been a continuation of the Dynasty, and the "club" continuously despairs thinking of the fact that she lost. The election of Joe Biden in 2020 would be a continuation of the Establishment Dynasty, which is why John Kasich delivered a speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention endorsing Biden, along with a string of fellow establishment Republicans.[13] An establishmentarian in his own right, Biden's significant cognitive decline would lead his running-mate and vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris, whom the establishment adores, to become the de facto President.[14] Obviously, the re-election of Donald John Trump in 2020 would not be a continuation of the Establishment Dynasty. Trump, though he has expressed that Biden himself is a corrupt career politician,[15] argues that he is controlled by, "[p]eople who are in the dark shadows," likely a reference to the deep state.[16] In 2024, it would be necessary for the Republican Party to find another anti-establishment candidate in order to keep the Dynasty from regaining power. Kanye West, who has been unabashedly pro-Trump[17] and has pledged to run for President in 2024,[18] might be an option to consider.

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