Thierry Baudet

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Thierry Baudet

Thierry Henri Philippe Baudet (born January 28, 1983) is a Dutch conservative politician, jurist, historian and author. In September 2016, he founded the national-conservative party Forum for Democracy.[1] In the Dutch general election of 2017, his party won 2 seats in the Dutch House of Representatives.[2]


Baudet was born on January 28, 1983, in the town of Heemstede, he studied at the University of Amsterdam (in the Bachelor of Arts in History and Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws in Dutch Law) and Philosophy, Faculty of Law at Leiden University.[3]

From 2007 until 2012 he was lecturer at the Leiden University of his last study.

Thierry, along with the FvD, began to overshadow Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom, another prominent Dutch right-wing party.[4]

Opposition against the European Union and Establishment

Baudet and his party are well known for his (strongly-) support for the Dutch national values and interests, the FvD called for a Dutch referendum to leave the globalist European Union like the successful Brexit. The party also advocates a strict immigration policy and closing borders, FvD strongly supports direct democracy to a Swiss model which means that the people can elect his own Mayor and Prime Minister.

In 2015 Baudet was one the co-initiators which set up the GeenPeil campaign for the referendum about the Associaton agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on April 6, 2016, which resulted in 61.1% against the treaty of the total vote.[5]

Thierry Baudet endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2016, and said that he is a better choice for world peace and stability than its rival Hillary Clinton.[6]

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