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Both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have stood up for the working class against the establishment and the elites. Both are populists who have discussed criminal justice reform and lowering prescription drug prices. I am here at Conservapedia not only to redeem myself in the eyes of God the Father and Christ His Son after my days as both a white supremacist and a far-left anarchist, but also to provide an objective analysis of history, current events, and the world at large. I don't always agree with Conservapedia, and I will not conform, but I will respect your opinions, and I hope that you will respect mine. It's been over a year since I joined Stormfront, and over a year since I've left it. Help me forget. Or at least, help me better myself.

  More than two years since I joined Conservapedia, and I'm doing great!
  I don't care if Trump runs in 2024, but if it's not him, it should be someone who genuinely and strongly represents MAGA, especially in the face of
  adversity. I'm proud of what Trump accomplished overall, minus the last few weeks of his presidency, when he threw Capitol protesters under the bus,
  conceded the 2020 United States presidential election to Joe Biden, allowed Jared Kushner to keep him off Parler and Gab, and failed to pardon
  Snowden and Assange. I still support MAGA and believe that the social media bans and second attempted impeachment levelled against him were

Please stop blocking me, admins! Also, calling other conservatives racist is a leftist tactic!

Topics of Disagreement Between Myself and Conservapedia

I disagree that:

  • marijuana and violent video games cause school shootings [or any other types of mass murder]
  • a show or movie is "liberal" if it contains a homosexual couple or a dysfunctional family
  • vaccines cause autism
  • it is debatable whether the United States should have entered World War II

I also believe Conservapedia goes too far on the matter of homosexuality, such as endorsing conversion therapy.

Topics of Agreement Between Myself and Conservapedia

I agree that: [Error: file_size too large]

Interestingly, all of the articles about the network, from Wikipedia, Conservapedia, and Metapedia, are anti-Fox News!

Examples of Institutionalized Racism in the West

- Planned Parenthood, which exterminates unborn African-American babies in what some have referred to as a "black genocide." Also disproportionately targets Hispanics.

- Affirmative Action, which blocks Asian-Americans from certain schools and jobs simply based on their race, in addition to similarly blocking Caucasians, and assumes blacks and Hispanics lack the intellectual capacity to get by or achieve things on their own.

- White Privilege theories, pushed into the mainstream by the media and Marxist university professors, which attack white people for the colour of their skin, and accuse them of possessing an inherent biological privilege which can only be compensated for by contributing to liberal causes.

- Islamic No-Go Zones, also known as "sanctuary cities," which contain rampant anti-Semitism, in addition to a considerable amount of anti-white hatred.

- Murders of Land-Owning White Farmers in South Africa, which is occurring en masse, and is almost genocidal.

- Racist Immigration System of Japan, which is aimed at preserving the ethnic Japanese supermajority.

Paul Gosar for President 2028!

Abortion is murder. Taxation is theft. All lives matter.

The biggest step toward both criminal justice reform and taking on Big Pharma would be the legalization of cannabis.

Evolution is a conspiracy theory. Creation is truth.

I oppose globalization because I don't want multinational corporations outsourcing blue-collar domestic jobs to sweatshops in communist dictatorships.

The GOP is dead. As is the Tea Party.

It would appear that white nationalists are Never Trump, and 2020 Democrats are Never Obama.

I am a right-wing populist, civic nationalist, and social conservative.

I am a devout Catholic, unlike Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

Jesus Christ the Messiah

I am a registered member of the People's Party of Canada. America needs the Patriot Party.

I am a Canadian nationalist, and I love my country!

100th article (less than three months after joining): Jewish Defense League

1st article to break 10,000 views: Media Bias Fact Check

Over 1,000 edits!

Intersection between the two greatest patriots of the past 50 years: His Dream is Now Our Dream.


2020 Democrats being off-the-rails far-left: [18][19]

Don't trust Dan Bongino.[20][21] Don't trust Newsmax either.[22][23] Newsmax and Breitbart are controlled opposition. The Daily Wire is not. Groypers and bears are decent people.

Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier are excellent Canadian patriots.

Like it or not, major demographic shifts have consequences. The global white population is shrinking due to a sub-replacement birth rate and non-whites continue to have lots of kids. By and large, non-white voting patterns are not changing, and immigrants both legal and illegal obviously vote for the people importing them (and tell their children and grandchildren to do the same). This is demographic replacement, plain and simple. Non-whites may have socially conservative values, but they keep voting for degeneracy. The black population in America is also rapidly decreasing due to abortion and gang violence. America will eventually be comprised of a reliable coalition of Latin Americans and Middle Easterners who consistently vote for Democrats or, at best, pro-amnesty establishment Republicans.

There's nothing wrong with race-mixing, but there's no need to fetishize it. Most people happen to be attracted to members of their own race --- there's nothing wrong with that, it's natural.

Same-sex "marriage," sex changes, drag, and pornography should be outlawed.

The plaintiffs and defendants in Sines v. Kessler are morons.

It's not CUSMA or T-MEC, it's the USMCA!

To the dozens of victims of the 2020 Black Lives Matter insurrection, may you rest in peace and may God bless your souls.

CNN sucks![24][25] Fox News sucks![26]

Ashli Babbitt is a hero. I hold her in higher regard than Donald Trump.

Ashli Babbitt, 14-year United States Air Force veteran, who was murdered in the Capitol building during the January 6, 2021 protest for supporting the MAGA Movement and Trump's allegations of 2020 election fraud.

Say Their Names:

  • Ashli Babbitt
  • Rosanne Boyland
  • Kevin Greeson
  • Benjamin Phillips

All 4 right-wing protesters were murdered by Capitol Police on January 6, 2021.[27] The storming of the Capitol was justified.

I watch One America News Network[28]. I also follow the Alternative Influence Network on YouTube and Twitter.

My Gab, BitChute, Twitter, and Reddit: [29][30][31][32]

I am hooked on Cozy TV! I'm TopRightZoomer over there. Check it out!