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BitChute is an Internet video hosting service. Unlike the similar and more well-known YouTube, BitChute does not censor content based on politics or ideology,[1] and for this reason (among others), content creators who formerly posted their videos on YouTube are increasingly moving over to BitChute due to being unjustly "deplatformed", illegally censored and subjected to losing the ability to make money from their videos for content which YouTube's leftist controllers don't like (i.e. conservative content). Also unlike YouTube (which permits its use for malicious purposes by leftists and as a platform for Islamic terrorist groups and leftist radicals to post their videos, many of which call for incitement to violence and engage in hate speech against those they don't like), BitChute does not allow such content or its use for such purposes on their site. The site is based on the peer-to-peer WebTorrent system.

In its article about BitChute, liberal-biased Wikipedia smears that site as being a "home for far-right content" and writes that leftist hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center claims it hosts "hate-fueled material".


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