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William Morris Hunt (1824 – 1879) was an American Barbizon School/Tonalist painter trained with Jean-François Millet; he started the American Barbizon School in Boston and was founder of the Arts and Crafts movement. Hunt was loosely associated with the group Pre-Raphaelite. In 1862, he settled permanently in Boston where the demand for his portraits grew as did the size and popularity of his classes... Although one of New England's finest portraitists for over twenty years, Hunt made no secret of his difficulties in painting convincing landscapes. [1]

Hunt introduced the works of Camille Corot, Theodore Rousseau, and the Barbizon school to the Boston society circles in which he moved, thereby helping to turn a rising generation of American painters toward Paris and away from the national style epitomized by the Hudson River School landscape painters. [2]

William Morris Hunt, Niagara Falls, 1878.

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